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    Locus [May 30, 1976]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
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    • Thomas Burnett Swann Dies · Bob Roehm · ob

    Locus [June 1979]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
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    • Contents of The Last Dangerous Visions as of May, 1979 · Harlan Ellison · ms

    Locus [September 1980]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
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    • The Uncertain Edge of Reality · Kate Wilhelm · ar; originally delivered as the Guest-of-Honour speech at Noreascon II.; illustrated by Alan Hunter

    Locus [v48 #6, #497, June 2002] ed. Charles N. Brown (Locus Publications, $4.95, 96pp, quarto)
    Details supplied by Tim Pratt.
    • 86 · Three Names Offered Up to God · Michael Swanwick · vi; an appreciation of R.A. Lafferty in the form of a short story in the style of Lafferty.

    Locus [January 2008]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    Locus [v73 #5, #646, November 2014] ed. Liza Groen Trombi (Locus Publications, $7.50, 60pp, quarto, cover by Francesca Myman)
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 28 · Seven-Day Terror · R. A. Lafferty · ss If Mar 1962; there is a new ending to the story with three or four paragraphs that haven’t previously appeared in print.

    Log Cabin Library [#108, April 9, 1891] (Street and Smith, 10¢, 32pp)
    dime novel series, from a copy on Internet Archive. Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 2 · The Rising Tide: A Story of Nihilism · John E. Barrett · nv
    • 30 · Merciless Ben, the Hair-Lifter [Captain Jack Crawford] · Ned Buntline · ex New York Weekly 1882; a first-chapter teaser; note at the end says the entire story will appear “complete” in following issue.

    Loki    (about)
    an amateur publication of science fiction and fantasy.

    London Life [April 27, 1935] (2/6, 9½" x 12")
    Jubilee Souvenir. The magazine is interspersed with photographs of classic art & bathing belles, and film stills. Details supplied by Larry Estep.
    • The Talk of the Town (news snippets about the Royal Silver Jubilee) · [Misc.] · ms
    • Developing a Negative · “Ad Astra” · ss
    • When Jealousy Reigns · “Story Teller” · ss
    • While the Bath Filled · “OK” · ss
    • The Flatlet Business · “Candidus” · ms; about washing underwear in a flat.
    • The Diamond Jubilee · “Legionnaire” · ar; about VR’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
    • The Merry Month of May. Some Old Customs · [Misc.] · ar
    • The Girl Who Trespassed · Anon. · ss; Joan thought a flirtation would be an amusing adventure, but when it came down to realities...
    • The History of the Curl · [Misc.] · ss; article about women’s hair style.
    • The Marsh Nomads · F. X. Delmere · ar; article about witchcraft in Poland.
    • Are Negroes Ruling Our Music and Culture? What H. G. Wells and Paul Robeson think. · [Misc.] · ar
    • Quite · Anon. · ss
    • The Amazing Story of a Woman Who Did? · Anon. · ss; short story with a hint of S&M.
    • The Weaker Sex · Anon. · ss
    • From Adorables of 1910 to Lovelies of 1935 · [Misc.] · ar
    • Future Fashions Revue · [The Readers] · lt; 32pp of readers contributions - thigh length boots, etc..
    • The Life of Two London Girls · Anon. · sl
    • Bird in Borrowed Plumes · William J. Elliott · ss
    • Monthly sales and wants section · [Misc.] · ms; a page of ads for corsets, thigh length boots, etc..
    • Letters to the Editor · [The Readers] · lc
    • Anything to Oblige · Stocker Shaw · ss
    • Old London. Its Customs and Cruelties · [Misc.] · ar
    • Crystal Gazing Is Sometimes Lucrative · Byron Borne Lazee · ss
    • From Gutter to Glitter · Anon. · sl
    • Tales from the Barber’s Chair · Anon. · sl; serial, involving long-hair fetishism.
    • Significance of Dreams · [The Readers] · lt; readers questions about their S&M dreams.
    • Lady Wrestlers of America · C. Guyette · ar
    • The Pain-God of the Hills · W. C. Best-Randall · ss; (“Up there, upon the hill top, shrieking men and women writhed and twisted in; the terrible ecstatic Dance of Pain. The High Priest of the Pain God was a; mad menace. But below, in that hidden cavern of the hills, his madness was a; mask for horrors even beyond the ken of those mad dancers”)
    • The Stars in the Heavens · Nina De Luna · ms; astrology.

    The London Magazine:    (about)
    The London Magazine—UK; Jul. 1898-May 1933 (419 issues); began as The Harmsworth Magazine; monthly; standard format, imitation-Strand; editors Cecil Harmsworth (1898-?), Charles Sisley (1902-Dec. 1905), David Whitelaw; initially priced at 3d (half the price of The Strand), at its peak, around 1906-1913, it was probably the best popular fiction magazine in the UK; published rather more adventure/mystery fiction than others, and most popular writers of the day appeared; indexed, Victorian Fiction Research Guide #10 by Sue Thomas (Univ of Queensland, 1984) covers fiction only from 1898-1915.

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