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    Night Voyages    (about)
    Semi-professional magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald J. Brown; Freeburg, IL: Night Voyages, #1, 2, 10.
      • Creative Images Publications; Freeburg, IL: Night Voyages, #3 – 8.
      • Raconteur Publications; Freeburg, IL: Night Voyages, #9.

    • Editors:

    Nightfall    (about)
    Nightfall evolved from a traditional fanzine with illustrations to a nearly all graphic story format in #4.

    • Publishers:
      • Nightfall Press; Crewe, Cheshire: Nightfall

    • Editors:

    Nightmare    (about)
    Online magazine which is also available as an e-book, sometimes with additional content, and is occasionally released in an expanded form as a trade paperback.

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