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    My Queen [#415, October 6, 1903] (Aldine Publishing Company, 1d, 40pp, 6.5" x 9.5")
    • 1 · Well Worth While · Anon. · nv
    • 34 · Pearls of Poetry
    • 34 · A Bachelor’s Complaint · Anon. · pm
    • 34 · Had You Ever a Cousin? · Anon. · pm
    • 35 · The Lover of Lady Lorraine [Part 2 of ?] · Norman Napier · sl
    • 40 · Mute Courtship · Anon. · pm

    My Story [v1 #1, September 1931]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    My Story [v1 #2, October 1931]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    My Story [v1 #3, November 1931]
    Issue not found.
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    My Story [v1 #4, December 1931]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    My Weekly [#4519, July 22, 2000] ed. Harrison Watson (D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.; Dundee, Scotland, 54p, 56pp, 9" x 12")
    Six pieces of fiction, interspersed with recipes, knitting patterns, a TV soap-opera spread, readers’ advice pages, competitions, full-colour ads for sanitary towels, etc, etc. All the stories have very old-fashioned-looking painted colour illustrations; but the cover is photographic, showing a smiling young woman. This publication has been going since 1910 and, apart from the colour photography, seemingly not much has changed...

    The main difference between My Weekly and its sister publication, The People’s Friend, is that the latter still has painted cover pictures (usually bucolic scenes) and also carries the explicit cover strapline: “The famous story paper.” By contrast, My Weekly pretends to be a bit more of a general women’s “service magazine”—but it’s still fundamentally a story paper. Details supplied by David Pringle.
    • 4 · The Shoeshine Boy · Joyce Stranger · ss; strapline: “A Tale of Times Past”; pull-quote: “Business, for Jean-Paul, had been very poor. But soon his little dog’s high spirits were going to have long lasting results.”; illustrated by Shane Marsh
    • 18 · The Wings of Friendship [Part ? of ?] · Eileen Ramsay · sl; strapline: “Continuing chapters of Eileen Ramsay’s powerful story of love and loss”; pull-quote: “Catriona reached out to comfort her son, then drew back, saying coolly—"The army will make a man of you, Andrew, or you will find yourself in jail and penniless...”; illustrated by Diane Fawcett
    • 32 · Bless This Home · Ali Davenport · ss; pull-quote: “Gran had made sure her memories would always live on in the most unusual way of all.”; illustrated by Melvyn Warren-Smith
    • 40 · Fresh-Baked Bread · Ann Burnett · vi; part of a series of kiddies’ vignettes headlined: “Tell It to the Children!”.; illustrated by David Gudgeon
    • 44 · A Touch of Cabin Fever · Nancy Sweetland · ss; pull-quote: “Here she was on a wonderful cruise with a handsome man. What could be so unfortunate about that?”; illustrated by Siviglia
    • 51 · In the Country [Millgate Court] · Sarah Burkhill · ss; strapline: “Millgate Court: Tales of life in a close-knit Yorkshire community” [this seems to be part of a series]; additional strapline: “...Rose serenely awaits the arrival of her baby—and takes the wind out of Elizabeth’s sails at the same time!”; illustrated by Heidi Spindler

    Myrddin    (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Lawson W. Hill; Northbrook, IL: Myrddin, #1 – #3.
      • Lawson W. Hill; Chicago: Myrddin, #4.

    • Editors:

    Myrrh    (about)
    Semi-professional magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Art & Story Publications; Fresno, CA: Myrrh

    • Editors:

    Mysterious Adventures [#10, October 1952] (Story Comics, Inc., 10¢, 36pp)
    comic book. Details supplied by René Beaulieu.

    The Mysterious Traveler Magazine    (about)
    A mixed-genre magazine, tie-in to a popular radio show.

    • Publishers:
      • Grace Publishing Co.; Buffalo, NY: The Mysterious Traveler Magazine

    • Editors:
      • Robert Arthur - Managing Editor: The Mysterious Traveler Magazine.

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