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    New Horizons    (about)
    Small press fantasy/horror magazine containing fiction and poetry, produced on behalf of the British Fantasy Society.

    New Ideas [v34 #2, February 1913] (New Ideas Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 20¢ per year, 24pp, 10¼" x 14")
    Details supplied by Morgan Wallace.

    New Libertarian Notes:    (about)
    New Libertarian Notes also ran a long interview with Robert A. Heinlein in the following Issues; #27, Nov ’73 (Pt.1), #29, Jan ’74 (Pt.2), #30, Mar ’74 (Pt.3), #32, Jun ’74 (Pt.4), #33, Aug ’74 (Pt.5), #34-35, Sep ’74 (Pt.5 & 6).

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