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    Pears’ Annual [Christmas 1921] (A. & F. Pears, Ltd.; London, 2/-, 42 + 14 + 10pp, 11" x 15¾" tabloid, cover by Frederic Whiting)
    It’s a huge tabloid thing,around 15.75" x 11", 42 pages, plus 14 unnumbered pages of coloured plates (plus 10pp advertising), price 2/-, not far off the price of a hardcover back then. Although I see from the miracle conversion chart that it’s only the equivalent of €; £2.60 today (about $4).Published by A. & F. Pears, Ltd, 71-75 New Oxford St., London WC1 (Soapmakers to the King).

    It goes in a lot for arty things. The front cover in colour is a painting, “Portrait of a Lady” by Frederic Whiting, RI, ROI, RBA. Alas there were two presentation plates, “The Sleeping Beauty” by the Hon. John Collier and “Ballet” by Septimus Scott, but I don’t have them. There’s lots of other full page colour paintings by the likes of Graham SImmons, H. Hope Read, Fougasse, Steve Spurrier, Claude Shepperson etc., but I’m sure we’re more interested in the “literary” contents, which are: Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

    Pearson’s Magazine    (about)
    Pearson’s Magazine—UK; Jan. 1896-Nov. 1939 (527 issues); C. Arthur Pearson; monthly; standard format, on quality stock, imitation-Strand; probably second in fame only to The Strand Magazine, its fiction authors included George Griffith, W. W. Jacobs, C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne (“Captain Kettle” stories), Max Pemberton, Rudyard Kipling, H. G. Wells (“The War of the Worlds,” 1897), Allen Upward, Baroness Orczy, Rafael Sabatini; an editorially separate American edition ran 1899-1925, and was edited by John Thompson (1908-1916) and Frank Harris (1916-1923).

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