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    The American Magazine [v158 #5, November 1954] (Crowell-Collier, quarto)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Sin of Susan Slade · Doris Hume · n.; The story of a teenager who dared not claim her child.
    • Dead Duck! · Scott Young · na; The killer gave his human prey no warning, no sporting chance for life.
    • A Girl Who Couldn’t Lose · Robert Meyer · ss; Jenny knew what she wanted, but she had to make Marv want the same thing.
    • Thanks for a Miracle · Frances Bergman · ss; There was magic in Mrs. Daily’s living room and Thanksgiving in her heart.
    • Natural Born Hero · John & Ward Hawkins · ss; McCarey’s plan for winning was simple, he’d just drawn his rival.
    • Her Name Was Folly · Donald M. Berwick · ss; Van was rated the ’catch’ of the cruise, but the girl he wanted was already taken.
    • Blonde Around Town · Donna Crouse · vi; It took an eccentric spinster to teach a deserted wife a lesson in living.
    • Love on Rye · James Robert · vi; How Julie found the recipe for romance.

    The American Magazine [v159 #1, January 1955] (Crowell-Collier, quarto)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Navy Wife · Elizabeth Stowe · n.; A story of intriguge and romance in official Washington
    • Oval of Death · Hugh Pentecost · na; A ruthless killer rigs the stock-car race with murder.
    • The Man Who Understood Women · Mona Williams · ss; His trouble was simple, he didn’t practice what he preached.
    • The President’s Caller · Carl Guldager · ss; White House doors could not bar this visitor who came unannounced, uninvited.
    • Bachelor’s Choice · Al Hine · ss; Any girl knows that when it comes to investments, a husband is the best security.
    • Thief in the Night · Victoria Case · vi; Audrey’s love life was at a standstill until a prowler gave it a push.
    • Open Your Heart · Maxine Lane · ss; Angie wasn’t ready for marriage, she was still afraid of love.

    The American Magazine [v159 #2, February 1955] (Crowell-Collier, quarto, cover by Walter M. Baumhofer)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Let’s Call It Love · Oscar Schisgall · n.; This modern Eve learned it isn’t the plan, but the man, that makes a paradise
    • The Case of the Talking Bug · The Gordons · na; The wire tap told police a baffling tale of murder in advance.
    • Hooked · Fannie Kilbourne · ss; The first step to capturing a bachelor is to captivate him; Everybody Loves Perry, by Jeff Brown, Everybody, that is, except the three people who know him best.
    • Swamp Test · Wyatt Blassingame · ss; The silent waters were a proving ground for a man’s courage, a girl’s love.
    • Dial Danger · Herbert Dalmas · vi; Clayt knew that only the killers would haer his call for help.
    • Record of Gold · M. L. Mabie · vi; It was a symbol of one man’s faith in youth, in talent.
    • Valentine for Vickie · James Robert · vi; That first dance can be an ordeal for a gril with her heart in her hand.

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