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    Purple Prose [v2 #3, #7, 1997] ed. Michael Chomko (Michael Chomko, $3.00, 33-52pp, quarto)
    • 35 · Pulplore: Wooda N. Carr · Michael Chomko · cl
    • 36 · Part One: Riding the Gunsmoke Trail with Operator #5 and the Flying Spy · Michael Chomko · ar
    • 42 · Part Two: Cloaks and Daggers, Imaginary Wars, and Other Sleights-of-Hand · Michael Chomko · ar
    • 46 · Part Three: Operator #5’s North Dakota Adventures · Michael Chomko · ar
    • 49 · Wooda Carr’s Top Ten Operator #5 Novels · Wooda Nicholas Carr · ms
    • 50 · Afterward [from Trapped in the Spider’s Web: Growing Up with the Bloody Pulps] · Nick Carr · ex (r)

    Pursued    (about)
    Promising “Exciting Crime Fiction”, Pursued was launched as a companion to Murder when Decker Publications acquired the latter title, with the first issue labelled v1 #4 to match the numbering of Murder. It lasted a mere two issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Decker Publications, Inc.; 122 East 42nd Street, New York 17, NY: Pursued

    • Editors:

    The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine    (about)
    The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine was launched by Star Publications in September 1953 but was really a throwback to the no-nonsense pulps of the 1940s. After a dozen (mainly) bi-monthly issues, the formula was popular enough for the publisher to launch a second title, Hunted Detective Story Magazine, which was identical to Pursuit and appeared in alternate months. Both magazines ran for a further two years before folding at the end of 1956.

    • Publishers:
      • Star Publications, Inc.; 1 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA: The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine

    • Editors:
      • L. B. Cole - Editor: The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine, Sep 1953 – Jan 1956.
      • George Peltz - Editor: The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine, May 1956 – Nov 1956.

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