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    Action Detective Magazine [#14, 1953 (variant 1)] (34pp, digest)
    Details supplied by Tom Lesser. Different issues numbered #14 contain different stories.

    Action Detective Magazine [#14, 1953 (variant 2)] (34pp, digest)
    Details supplied by Tom Lesser. Different issues numbered #14 contain different stories.

    Action for Men [v3 #6, October 1959] (Vista Publications, Inc., 25¢, cover by Gil Cohen)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Fraulein U-Boat · David Darrington · ts; “The Last Sub Out of Germany, Kapitän Helmuth Made a Fantastic Dash for Freedom—Carrying a Cargo of Jewels and Five Willing Females.”
    • 3500-Mile Escape of Seaman Stewart’s Shanghaied Eskimo Bride · James Grey · ts; “It Started When She Was Traded for a Can of Tea. Before It Ended, an Entire Whaling Fleet Was at Stake.”
    • ’Crazy’ Jock Campbell and His Maniac Tin Can Brigade · Bill Wharton · ts; “He Won Five Victoria Crosses in One Month in His Wild Rampage That Broke the Back of Rommels Afrika Korps.”
    • "Enforcer" Smith: Keeper of Chicago’s House of Diamond-Studded Dolls · Ben Blake · ar; “Tycoons, Toughs, Tarts—All Played by the Code of This Bouncer Who Ruled the Windy City’s Most Fabulous Bordello.”
    • Madagascar Mission: The $50.000.000 Peacock Throne · Alex Austin · ts; “It Meant a Lifetime Bankroll for the Whole Salvage Gang If They Could Bring Back the Golden Chair of the Moguls.”
    • My Life with the Lost Tribe of Amazon Women · Ross Salmon · ts; “In May, 1956, He Came Out of the Primitive Motilon Country Telling of a Strange Village of Forgotten Females.”

    Action for Men [v5 #2, March 1961]
    Details taken from Table of Contents.
    • 6 · Gag Line · Anon. · hu
    • 11 · The Squawk Box · Anon. · ms
    • 12 · Hungary’s Shocking Male-Female Prison Barracks · Jossef Kovago · ts
    • 16 · The Day 100 Sailors Captured Japan’s Floating Fortress · Harold E. Jervey, Jr. · ts
    • 18 · My Billion-Dollar Secret Diamond Paradise · Cornelius Veldman · ts
    • 22 · Assassination of the U.S. President · Leonard Gribble · ar
    • 24 · Last Stand of Cherokee King · Anon. · ms
    • 26 · The Flying Madman Who Swore He’d Beat the Atlantic · Robert de la Croix · ar
    • 30 · Action for Men Final · Anon. · cl
    • 32 · For Five Years—The Only Marine on Voodoo Woman Island · Ted Stoll · ts

    Action for Men [v5 #5, September 1961] (Vista Publications, Inc., 25¢, cover by Charles Copeland)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Terror Camp Breakthrough of AWOL Seaman Hank Prescott · James Christopher · ts; “When the Japs Bombed Manila, Dec. 7, 1941, He Was Cut Off from All Allied Help and Driven Into One of the Most Desperate Survival Ordeals of the War.”
    • L.A.’s Police Stakeout for the Lovers’ Lane Rapist · Don Dwiggins · ar; “Hollywood’s Top Make-Up Artists Changed a Bunch of Hard-Boiled Cops Into Luscious Bait for the West Coast’s Craziest Sex Trap.”
    • Bailout to Hell · Bill Wharton · ts; “Shot Out of His Plane, the B-29 Pilot Became a Sitting-Duck Target for 20,000 Ft. Down to the Pacific.”
    • Dr. Cream and the Nighttime Girls of London · Stan Bair · ts; “For 12 Months the Lambeth Road Terror Forced Every Streetwalker in Town to Double-Lock Her Door.”
    • The Day the GI’s Beat the Red Army in Russia · Charles Whiting · ts; “This Fantastic American Combat Mission on Soviet Soil Still Has Khrushchev Raging.”
    • "Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle" · Terry Higgins · ts
    • The Great Plague · A. A. Hoehling · ar; “It Started with a Common Cold and Ended When the Victims Turned a Ghastly Dark-Blue.”

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