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    PreScience Fiction    (about)
    This magazine was published for trademark purposes only, it was never offered for sale. Special thanks to Sam Moskowitz for the information on this title.

    • Editors:

    • Publishers:
      • Gernsback Publications, Inc.; New York: PreScience Fiction

    Prime Cuts [#1, January 1987] ed. Gary Groth (Fantagraphic Books; CA, $3.95, 64pp, quarto)
    Details supplied by Ned Brooks.
    • 23 · Mr. Hamadryad · R. A. Lafferty · nv Stellar #1, ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey, Ballantine 1974

    Primordial Eye    (about)
    Semi-professional magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Strange Sunken Island Productions; Los Angeles, CA: Primordial Eye

    • Editors:

    The Princess’s Novelettes    (about)
    Story paper issued for women by Edwin J. Brett as a companion paper to the larger format The Something To Read Journal And Novelette. Contents are primarily melodramatic romances in which dastardly squires meet the end they deserve and true love wins out for the heroine. Details supplied by John Eggeling.

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