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    Science Fiction Classics (1931)    (about)
    A large-size paperbound book, given away as a subscription premium. It was first advertised in the May 1931 issue of Wonder Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Stellar Publishing Corporation; New York: Science Fiction Classics

    Science Fiction Classics (1942)    (about)
    Booklet series, first advertised in Future Feb ’43 (on sale in Dec ’42), 10¢ each or six for 50¢.

    • Publishers:
      • Columbia Publications, Inc.; New York: Science Fiction Classics

    Science Fiction Classics (1960s):    (about)
    These magazines represent the most complex sequence of Ultimate’s reprint magazines, a sequence which underwent two title changes and spun off two additional titles. Since the exact sequence of issues and interrelationships of these titles can be confusing, it might be helpful to summarize them. The sequence started with Science Fiction Classics which ran for six issues before changing to Science Fiction Adventure Classics for a single issue, followed by Strange Fantasy issues 8, 9 and 10. After that Science Fiction Adventure Classics #8 was issued, which had the retroactive effect of splitting off the Strange Fantasy issues into their own sequence, which continued through #13. Science Fiction Adventure Classics #8 was followed by Space Adventures (Classics) # 9, 10 and 11. A title change back to Science Fiction Adventure Classics appeared to take place with the next issue, #12. However, shortly afterward a Space Adventures #12 also appeared and continued the original sequence, eventually concluding with # 14. Thus was the second sequence of Science Fiction Adventure Classics retroactively split off to form its own sequence, which continued for several more years (some issues as Science Fiction Adventures and some as Science Fiction Adventures Classics). The listings below are grouped into major sequences rather than attempting to follow a strict chronological order.

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