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    The Strand

              The Strand Magazine—UK; Jan. 1891-Mar. 1950 (710 issues); George Newnes, London; monthly; standard format, illustrated, initially 6d, digest-sized from Oct. 1941; editors Herbert Greenhough Smith (1891-1930), Reeves Shaw (1930-Sep. 1941); the leading UK popular fiction magazine, and a major trendsetter, it published most of the famous writers of its day, in particular A. Conan Doyle (the “Sherlock Holmes” short stories, which set the fashion for series stories, especially those featuring a hero-and-sidekick), Grant Allen, E. W. Hornung, W. W. Jacobs, H. G. Wells, E. Nesbit, Rudyard Kipling, A. E. W. Mason, Anthony Hope, O. Henry, P. G. Wodehouse; a US edition, Jan. 1891-Feb. 1916 (201 issues), was edited by James W. Smith; indexed, Index to the Strand Magazine, 1891-1950 by Geraldine Beare (Greenwood Press, 1982).

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