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    Seventeen [July 1978] (142pp, quarto)
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    77 Sunset Strip    (about)
    Published shortly after the demise of a very similar magazine, Tightrope, from the same publisher, 77 Sunset Strip also hoped to gain from the publicity of a popular television series of the same name. The pulp size and format was an anachronism and, despite the better-than-average run of contemporary crime-adventure stories, the magazine folded after a single issue.

    • Publishers:
      • Great American Publications, Inc.; 270 Madison Avenue, New York 16, NY: 77 Sunset Strip

    • Editors:

    Sex [September 1926]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    Sex [October 1926]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    Sex [November 1926] (Dawn Publishing Co., Inc.; 17 W. 60th St., New York, 64pp)
    Note: No volume number stated, but this November 1926 issue would presumably be v1 #3. since the first monthly issue, dated September, appeared on newsstands on Aug. 12, 1926. Details supplied by Richard Newsome from

    Sex [January 1927]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    Sex [March 1927]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    The Sexton Blake Library (First Series)    (about)
    Publisher: Amalgamated Press.
    Run: Sep 1915-May 1925 (382 issues).
    Becomes: Sexton Blake Library [Second Series].
    Frequency: 4 per month.
    Editor: William Bolinbroke Home-Gall [1915]; William H. Back [?-1921]; Len Pratt [1921-55].

    Note: the dating of The Sexton Blake Library is somewhat problematical because the frequency changed so often, moving from monthly to two per month, then four per month and, for a while, five per month. There was, I believe, also a brief break in publication at some point. The pagination also changed over time, starting at 120 pages before shrinking down to 64 pages as the wartime shortage of paper began to bite. It later recovered to 96 pages. The price began at 3d, later rising to 4d and beyond. If anyone can help work out a schedule for these changes, I’d be very pleased to incorporate the information.

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