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    The Royal Magazine [v39, #234, April 1918] (60pp, standard)
    Details supplied by Mike Ashley.
    • Give Me the Stage! · Winnie Melville · ar; article by an actress about the theatre.
    • The Triumph of Age · John S. Margerison · ss; one of several war stories he wrote for the magazine; this one about the experiences of the peaceful crew members of the fishing drifter Annie Laurie.
    • Her Feet Beneath Her Petticoat · F. E. Baily · ss; one of a series of love stories.
    • Petunia Plays the Game · Dorothy Rose · ss; a love story with a war background.
    • Are Our Boys Degenerating? · Sir Robert Baden-Powell · ss; good whip-cracking stuff by the founder of the Boy Scouts blaming juvenile crime of the lack of direction for the energy of youth.
    • Lady Jane and a Kettle · Keble Howard · ss; this is part of a series of light-hearted romantic stories about the adventures of Lady Jane - also with a wartime setting.
    • Jerry and the Hun · George M. Johnson · ss The Argosy Oct 6 1917; stiff-upper-lip war story.
    • A Kiss in Time · W. L. George · ss
    • Honeymoon Hitches · Lesbia Robinson · ar; a light-hearted feature on things that can go wrong. I don’t know who Lesbia Robinson was but these features are very like the crackpot invention stuff W. Heath Robinson used to do. Part of a series.
    • It’s an Ill Raid— · Clare Thornton · ss; war story.
    • The Heart of Amber · James Francis Dwyer · ss (r); a south-sea story.
    • Do Girls Remain Single from Choice? · Rosemary North · ss; does the modern girl prefer a career to a husband, it asks? This is 1918 remember.
    • A Woman’s Glory · Philip O’Farrell · ss; brief amusing society story.
    • The White Man · M. L. C. Pickthall · ss; the best story in the issue. Struggle for survival in northern Canada.

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