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    The Rotarian [September 1928] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    The Round-Up [v1 #1, April 1922] (Readers’ Publishing Corp., pulp)
    Issue not found.
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    Round-Up Magazine (UK)    (about)
    Magazine that was allegedly published by The City Libraries, 337 Victoria Road, GLASGOW and which possibly ran for four issues in the 1940s with the first containing a novel by John Theydon. It may actually have been called Round-Up Library and/or may be the same as Round-Up Western.

    Round-Up Western    (about)
    No issues seen, but advertised in an issue of Real FBI Detective Case Stories published by Magazine Fiction Group in Glasgow. May be the same as Round-Up Magazine allegedly published by The City Libraries in Glasgow.

    Routledge’s Christmas Annual [1867]
    “Mixed Sweets”; this was the first of two annuals dated “Christmas 1867” and was published in December 1866. Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    The Royal Magazine:    (about)
    The Royal Magazine—UK; Nov. 1898-Sep. 1939 (491 issues); retitled The New Royal Magazine from Dec. 1930, Royal Pictorial from Jun. 1932, Screen Pictorial from Jul. 1935; C. Arthur Pearson, London; monthly; standard format, on coated stock, Strand-imitation, 96pp, price 3d; editors Peter Keary, F. E. Bailey (in 1927), John Reed Wade (in 1934); published first stories by William Hope Hodgson (1904) and Sax Rohmer (1905); other authors included Baroness Orczy, M. P. Shiel. Details supplied by David Pringle.

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