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    Stolen Sweets [v2 #6, June 1936]
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    Stolen Sweets [v2 #12, May 1937]
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    Stories Annual    (about)
    A multi-genre pulp, it featured 3 stories each from four genres: Science Fiction, Mystery, Western, and Sports. All the stories appear to be new. The cover is a collage of four paintings; the SF one had previously appeared on Startling Stories Apr 1953.

    • Publishers:
      • Standard Magazines, Inc.; New York: Stories Annual

    • Editors:

    Stories of Sheena—Queen of the Jungle    (about)
    This short-lived pulp was unusual in featuring multiple stories about its lead character. Sheena was the lead feature in the long-running Jungle Comics, and also appeared in movies and a TV series. In some incarnations she has the ability to communicate with or mentally control animals, although this is only a vague suggestion in most of the comic book stories. No such ability is displayed in the pulp stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Real Adventures Pub. Co., Inc.; New York: Stories of Sheena—Queen of the Jungle

    Story [v1 #1, April-May 1931] ed. Whit Burnett & Martha Foley (Vienna, 148pp+)
    Typed not typeset. Somewhat inaccurately Story described itself as ’The only magazine devoted solely to the short story’. I assume because it saw itself as a literary magazine it didn’t recognize all the popular fiction magazines. Details supplied by Richard Fidczuk from British Library copies.

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