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    The Saturday Evening Post [v214 #13, September 27, 1941] (5¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Albert W. Hampson)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • A Kiss for Mr. Lincoln · Louise Kennedy Mabie · ss; A proper young wife tests some proper ideas improperly.
    • First Ascent · David Lavender · ss; Two indomitable climbers battle each other and a mountain.
    • Afternoon Off · Glenn Allan · ss; A colored kitchen artist creates and calms a tempest.
    • Ten Rounds for Baby · Joel Reeve · ss; A fighter, a manager and a lady make this a triangle.
    • Lady at the Lamp · J. C. Furnas · ar; Travelers Aid adds the Army and Navy to its flock.
    • As Easy as Falling Off a Log · Clay Perry · ar; Waterside report of a lumberjacks’ rodeo.
    • He Clowns to Touchdowns · Emerson L. Spencer · ar; Stanford’s All-American Albert-answer to a coach’s dream.
    • Powder Mill · Marquis James · ar; A glimpse of the beginnings of the duPont dominion.
    • Harlem’s Great White Father · Maurice Zolotow · ar; Moe Gale, Harlem entrepreneur, picks bands by heart.
    • Botany Bay [Part 1 of 6] · Charles Nordhoff & James Norman Hall · sl
    • Prescription for Murder [Part 4 of 6] · Hannah Lees · sl
    • Contentment · Arthur Guiterman · pm

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