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    The Saturday Evening Post [v230 #15, October 12, 1957] (10½" x 13½", cover by John Falter)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Compromise Courtship · Samuel W. Taylor · ss; illustrated by Kurt Ard
    • Doctor’s Gamble · Ronald Sercombe · ss; illustrated by Larry Kritcher
    • Hand-Me-Down Bride · Irene Wempe · ss; illustrated by Morgan Kane
    • The Meanest Kid in Town · Verne Athanas · ss; illustrated by Peter Stevens
    • Our Ordeal Over the Pacific · Maj. Samuel W. Tyson, USAF (as told to Clay Blair, Jr.) · ar; This story is about a military air transport taking passengers from Travis Air Force Base in California to Hickam Field in Honolulu and back, called the “Honolulu Turnaround”. Maj. Tyson tells the story of his runaway prop and nursing a crippled transport 1000 miles to safety.; illustrated by [photos]
    • They’d Rather Dance Than Eat · Stanley Frank · ar; the Roseland Ballroom in New York. Its owner, Louis J. Brecker.; illustrated by [photos]
    • The Woes of West Coast Football · Melvin Durslag · ar; about the scandal-ridden Pacific Coast Conference Will it survive?; illustrated by [photos]
    • Out of My Past [Part 4 of 5] · George Raft (as told to Dean Jennings) · ar; Includes a photo of Raft with Gary Cooper and a photo of Raft with Betty Grable.
    • Struggle for Power Under the Palms · Keyes Beech · ar
    • We Run a Nursing Home · Florence Berg (as told to Paul Ernst) · ar; article centers around the Anderson-Berg Home, in Glenmoore, Pa. It accomodates 14 patients. Florence Berg and her partner Mildred Anderson run the business.; illustrated by [photos]
    • Trouble at Midas Creek [Part 2 of 7] · Robert Ormond Case · sl; illustrated by Mac Conner
    • Violent City [Part 5 of 5] · John & Ward Hawkins · sl; illustrated by Ken Riley

    The Saturday Evening Post [v230 #17, October 26, 1957] (10½" x 13½", cover by John Clymer)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Love Is a Risk · Nancy Pope Mayorga · ss; illustrated by Coby Whitmore
    • The Brushoff · Peggy Simson Curry · ss
    • Trial Surgery · Kenneth Landon · ss
    • The Child No One Wanted · Neill C. Wilson · ss; illustrated by R. G. Harris
    • Death on the Water Front · Milton MacKaye · ar; the story of the terrible blast that shook Texas City, Texas in 1947 killing over 500 people. Includes 6 photos of the wreckage and dead and of W. H. Sandberg, SS Greencamp, wreck of the Wilson B. Keane.; illustrated by [photos]
    • The Face of America: The Hues of Autumn · Harland Sutherland · pi; a two page photo of East Andover, New Hampshire.
    • Johnny Can Read in Joplin Missouri · [Misc.] · ar; with photos of Bobby Seiler, Cheryl Peck and other students by Roul Tunley.; illustrated by [photos]
    • An American Is Tried in Paris · Toni Howard · ar; the story of Joe Daigneault.
    • Pro Football’s All-Around Man · Stanley Frank · ar; with photos of Frank Gifford that includes Mamie Van Doren.
    • Good Duty If You Can Get It · John Burns · pi; the story of the Air Force Academy. Photos include Gary Carschinick with Tom Riesland, Don Madonna, George Clark.
    • They All Gave Me Advice · Leonard Lyons · ar; includes photos of Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Billy Rose, Ethel Barrymore, Frank Haugue, Robert Merril, Gypsy Rose Lee, John Barrymore, Edie Adams with Ernie Kovacs.
    • Hornblower and the Star of the South [Part 2 of 2; Horatio Hornblower] · C. S. Forester · sl; illustrated by Ken Riley
    • Trouble at Midas Creek [Part 4 of 7] · Robert Ormond Case · sl

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