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    Six-Gun Western [#3, Fall 2010] (Age of Adventure, $7.50, 119pp, pb)
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    Six Shooter Western
    Spoof magazine listed on the Adventure House website on April 1st 2001, together with a faked cover.

    Six Star Books    (about)
    Series of six small booklets printed on paper off-cuts, each unpriced, 32 pages long and with a colour cover.

    Sizzle [v1 #1, c.1959] (Spice Publications; 8032 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood 46 California)
    contents also list “My First Time”, a fiction piece starting on Page 34, but there is no such piece. Details supplied by Ian Covell.
    • 14-15 · Lover by Occupation · Rick Dille · ss
    • 24-25 · “Off Limits” · Curt Wilson · ss; title without quotes on contents page.
    • 30-32 · Tura Santana Demonstrates How Not to Become a Barber · Anon. · ms

    Skeleton Crew    (about)
    Semi-professional magazine for issues 1-5. Starting with v2 #1 it became a slick professional magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Dave Hughes; Wickford, England: Skeleton Crew, #1 – 5.
      • Argus Specialist Publication; Hemel Hempstead, England: Skeleton Crew, Jul 1990—.

    • Editors:

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