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    Two Gun Stories [v12 #2, July 1932] (Metropolitan Publishers, Inc., 20¢, pulp)
    Issue not found.
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    2 Western-Action Books:

    Two Western Romances [v1 #3, Winter 1950] ed. Jerome Bixby (Fight Stories, Inc., 25¢, 128pp+, pulp)
    Details supplied by John Locke.
    • 1 · Belle of Bushwhack Range · Norman A. Fox · na; given as “Belle of Bushwack Range” on the cover.
    • 73 · Senorita Sixgun · Lee Floren · na

    Two Western Romances [v1 #4, Spring 1951] ed. Jerome Bixby (Fight Stories, Inc., 25¢, pulp)
    Given as Two Western Romances in the indicia and as Two Western Action Books on the cover. Details taken from front cover and indicia.

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