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    Spicy Zeppelin Stories    (about)
    This imaginary title was a long-standing joke amongst pulp fans, representing the ultimate absurd cross-genre magazine. It was probably inevitable that someone would eventually attempt to fabricate a copy. Odyssey Publications, a pulp reprint publisher, made such an attempt, with partner Will Murray writing the entire issue. Unfortunately, Odyssey became dormant shortly thereafter, and the publication languished until 1989, when pulp fan Doug Ellis heard about it and persuaded Murray to let him publish it.

    • Publishers:
      • Tattered Pages Press; Chicago, IL: Spicy Zeppelin Stories

    The Spider    (about)
    A character pulp. Most of the novels have a macabre tone that matches that of the horror pulps; many have actual SF/fantasy elements.

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Publications; Chicago: The Spider

    • Editors:

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