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    Weird Trails: The Magazine of Supernatural Cowboy Stories [v20 #1, April 1933] ed. Abner Gibber (Bar Sinister Publications; Tombstone, AZ, 20¢, 122pp, pulp, cover by Ed Ward)
    One-shot takeoff of Weird Tales with a supernatural cowboy theme. Published in 2004 by Wildside Press (0-8095-1150-9, $19.95) as a “facsimile” (perfect bound) of the 1933 “original” issue. managing editor Darrell Schweitzer. Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 6 · The Haunted Corral · [The Readers] · lt; informs us that the January issue contained part 1 of the Goulart ; serial, and also “Blazing Sixguns of Slavering Horror” by Col. S. P. ; Meek, USA; “The Buffalo’s Revenge” by Arthur J. Burks; “O Dat Golden ; Ichor” by Petronius Drumgoole, “Trail of the Turgid Terror” by Zealia ; Bishop; “The Whispering Wazoo” by Roman Ranieri; and the concluding ; part of “Thundering Brains” by Oliver Osgood Oblongata; plus a ; feature on “Eldritch Cowboy Songs.” Stories from previous issues ; referenced include “Guns of the Shambler” by Ron Goulart (a Sheriff ; Jim Destiny story) and “Showdown at Fuggoth Flats” by Moamrath, “back in ’28 or so.”
    • 12 · Riders of the Purple Ooze [Buck Eldritch] · M. M. Moamrath · ss Nickelodeon #1 1975; illustrated by Ed Ward
    • 19 · Behind the Music · Craig Shaw Gardner · ss; illustrated by P. D. O’Main
    • 25 · Ghostly Limerick · Ed Ward · pm
    • 26 · New Gods for Old [Part 1 of ?] · P. D. “Tequilla-Cured” Casek · sl; illustrated by Keith Minnion
    • 37 · The Cow-Men of Coburn · Will Murray · ss; illustrated by P. D. Weincek
    • 48 · Around the Bend in the Trail · Anon. · ms; announces that the May issue will include “Return to Fuggoth Flats” ; (a new Buck Eldritch story) by M. M. Moamrath; “The Gibbering Galoot” ; by Petronious Pemican, Ph.D.; and a heavily revised reprint of “The ; Waste Land” by Tex Straightshooter Eliot, along with the serial parts,; a new “Riverrun Ranch” story by James Joyce, and new storis by Lee ; “Tex” Weinstein, P.D. “Tex” Cacek, Col. George “Tex” Scithers, Howard ; Phillips “Rhode Island” Lovecraft, Robert Leslie Bellem, Seabury Quinn, ; Bassett Morgan, E. Hoffman Price, and J. Hieronymous Hackworth.
    • 49 · The One That Got Away · Mike Resnick · ss
    • 52 · The Rider of the Dark · Darrell Schweitzer · ss; illustrated by Allen Koszowski
    • 60 · Trouble in Cthulhu Canyon [Part 4 of 5] · Ron Goulart · sl; illustrated by Russell Morgan
    • 66 · The Devil’s Tune · Ray Faraday Nelson · ss; illustrated by Ray Faraday Nelson
    • 72 · Dub · Gregory Frost · ss; illustrated by Keith Minnion
    • 83 · The Three Gray Wolves · Jim Harmon · ss; illustrated by P. Domain
    • 87 · Spud Wrangler · Kent Patterson · ss Pulphouse #17 1994; illustrated by Allen Koszowski
    • 93 · [Misc.] · [ad] · ms; touts the April issue of companion magazine Spicy Oriental Zeppelin ; Stories, featuring a novel, “Flaming Devils of the Air,” by Antoine ; de Saint-Exupery and Robert M. Hogan; and two novelettes: “The Deadly ; Gasbags of Ah-Chu-Fung” by Robert Leslie Bellem and “Revenge of the ; Hydrogen Horde” by Col. Sean “Bucky” Wallace.
    • 94 · Going After Yeechiphooie · David Sherman · ss; illustrated by David Grilla
    • 104 · Dry Days in Yellow Gulch · John Gregory Betancourt · ss; illustrated by P. d’Omaine
    • bc. · [blurb] · [Misc.] · ms; notes that Moamrath had also been published by such “rare pulps ; magazines as Sargasso Sea Stories, Mildewed Romances, Aryan ; Atrocity Adventures, and Depraved Tales.

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