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    Two Western Books [v1 #12, Winter 1951] (Flying Stories, Inc., 25¢, 128pp, pulp)
    Details taken from library catalogue of the National Cowboy Museum.

    Two Western Books [v2 #2, Summer 1952] (Flying Stories, Inc., 25¢, 96pp, pulp)
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    Two Western Books [v2 #4, #16, Spring (Jan-Mar) 1953] ed. Jack O’Sullivan (Flying Stories, Inc., 25¢, 96pp, pulp)
    Details supplied by John Locke & Rick Hall.
    • 1 · Drumfire Range · Tom J. Hopkins · na Doubleday 1951, as “Drumfire”; given as by Tom W. Hopkins on the cover.
    • 59 · Marshal of Medicine Bend · Samuel A. Peeples · na

    UFO    (about)
    Beginning with #2 the cover reads “Exciting UFO Stories”, but the table-of-contents gives the title as “UFO”.

    • Publishers:
      • Fading Shadows, Inc.; Seymour, TX: UFO

    • Editors:

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