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    The Vulcan    (about)
    SF fanzine, “The Battered Champion of Science-Fiction”.

    W Magazine [#4, Winter/Spring 1996] (Waterstone’s, 5" x 6.5")
    Details supplied by David Pringle.

    W Magazine [#12, Winter/Spring 1998] (Waterstone’s, 5" x 6.5")
    No fiction. Details supplied by David Pringle.

    W. [v1 #1, Spring 1970] ed. R. V. Cassill (Associated Writing Programs at Brown University, $1.00)
    “A Worksheet of Fiction and Poetry from The Associated Writing Programs.” Managing Ed. Leonard B. Terr, Art Director Lyndia B. Terr. Fiction only indexed. Details supplied by Richard Bleiler.

    The Walrus [v1 #8, October 2004] ed. Ken Alexander (Ken Alexander, $5.95, 98pp, bedsheet slick)
    deputy editor: Sarmishta Subramian. Fiction only. Details supplied by William Denton.

    The Walrus [January/February 2013]
    a general-interest Canadian magazine which occasionally runs fiction. Details supplied by Martin Wooster.

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