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Reusswig, (Henry) William (1902-1978) (items) (chron.)

Reuter, Madalynne (1921-2012); previously known as Madalynne R. Kurtz (items) (chron.)

Revere, Paul (1735-1818) (items) (chron.)

Rexford, Eben Eugene (1848-1916) (items) (chron.)

Reyburn, Wallace (Macdonald) (1913-2001) (items) (chron.)
Born in New Zealand.

Reyes (Figueroa), Salvador (1899-1970) (items) (chron.)

Reynolds, Edward B. (fl. 1940s-1950s) (items) (chron.)
Probably not college administrator and general Edward Reynolds (1894-1983).

Reynolds, James (R.) (1891-1957) (items) (chron.)
Born in Warrentown, Virginia; died in Bellagio, Italy.

Reynolds, Jason (fl. 2010s) (items) (chron.)

Reynolds, John Murray (1900-1993) (items) (chron.)

Reynolds, Mack; [i.e., Dallas McCord Reynolds] (1917-1983) (items) (chron.)

Reynolds, Minnie Josephine; [i.e., Minnie Josephine Reynolds Scalabrino] (1865-1936) (items) (chron.)
Born in Norwood, New York; journalist and women’s rights activist who lived in Denver 1890-1901 and founded the Denver Women’s Club and the Denver Women’s Press Club; worked for the National American Women Suffrage Association in New York 1901-1909.

Reynolds, Quentin (James) (1902-1965) (items) (chron.)
Born in the Bronx; died Travis AFB while returning from the Philippines.

Reynolds, Stephen Allen (1875-?) (items) (chron.)
Adventurer, explorer, traveller; commander of the 1916 expedition to search for sunken treasure in the Spanish Main. Born in Boston; lived in California.

Rhead, Louis J(ohn) (1857-1926) (items) (chron.)

Rhodes, Charles Dudley (1865-1948) (items) (chron.)

Rhodes, Eugene Manlove (1869-1934) (items) (chron.)

Rhodes, Harrison G(arfield) (1871-1929) (items) (chron.)
Born in Cleveland; worked in publishing, U.S. and U.K., 1894-1901; drama critic for Chicago Tribune; playwright and author.

Rhodes, Kathlyn; [i.e., Annie Kathleen Rhodes] (1877-1962) (items) (chron.)
Born in Thirsk, Yorkshire; educated in London and France; author and playwright; lived in Middlesex; died in Staines, England.

Rhys, J(ohn) Llewelyn (?-1940) (items) (chron.)

Ribbink, E. Van Lier (fl. 1920s-1930s) (items) (chron.)
South African author; lived in Oakland, California.

Rice, Anne; [born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien] (1941-2021) (items) (chron.)

Rice, Cale Young (1872-1943) (items) (chron.)
Born in Dixon, Kentucky; had degrees from several colleges; wrote libretto of grand opera “Yolanda”; contributor to leading magazines.

Rice, Craig; pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig (1908-1957) (items) (chron.)

Rice, Louise (Guest) (1880-?) (items) (chron.)
Born in New Albany, Indiana; graphologist; contributed to magazines; syndicated features articles to newspapers; lived in New York City.

Rice, Wallace (deGroot Cecil) (1859-1939) (items) (chron.)

Richards, George M(ather) (1880-1958) (items) (chron.)
Born in Darien, Connecticut; lived in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Richards, (Franklin Thomas) Grant (1872-1948) (items) (chron.)
Born in Glasgow; educated at City of London School; a publisher.

Richards, Guy (1905-1979) (items) (chron.)

Richards, H(arold) Grahame (1885-1966?) (items) (chron.)
Acting British Consul for Mexico in 1917.

Richards, Laura E(lizabeth Howe) (1850-1943) (items) (chron.)
Born in Boston.

Richards, Pete (fl. 1960s) (items) (chron.)
Not to be confused with David Morgan (1908- ), a Welsh writer who uses the pseudonym “Pete Richards.”

Richards, Walter (DuBois) (1907-2006) (items) (chron.)
Born in Penfield, Ohio; lived in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Richardson, Abby Sage (1837-1900) (items)

Richardson, Anna Steese; [Mrs. William M. Richardson] (1865-1949) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, Anthony (Thomas Stewart Currie) (1899-1964) (items) (chron.)
Born in London; educated at Marlborough College; newspaperman and author.

Richardson, (Thomas) Dow (1887-1971) (items) (chron.)
Olympic ice skater (1924 games) and authority on ice skating. Born in York, England; died in England.

Richardson, F(rank) H(erbert) (1866-1943) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, Frank (Collins) (1870-1917) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, Frederick (1862-1937) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, Gladwell (1903-1980) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, H(enry) M(arriott) (1876-1936) (items) (chron.)
Born in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent; educated in private schools; journalist, editor, leader writer, drama critic, playwright; a founder of the International Federation of Journalists.

Richardson, Maurice (Lane) (1907-1978) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, Samuel (1689-1761) (items) (chron.)

Richardson, (George) Tilton (1863-1938) (items) (chron.)
Author, journalist, editor. Born in Boston, Massachusetts; died in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Richardson, Tracy (1889?-1949) (items) (chron.)
Soldier of fortune: the man who singlehandedly captured Managua and who forced Pancho Villa to apologize at gunpoint. Died in Springfield, Missouri.

Richepin, Jean (1849-?) (items) (chron.)

Richman, Arthur (1886-1944) (items) (chron.)

Richmond, Roaldus (Frederick) “Roe” (1910-1986) (items) (chron.)
Western writer, editor, proofreader. Born in Barton, Vermont; lived in Concord, New Hampshire.

Rickard, Jack (1922-1983) (items) (chron.)

Rickert, (Martha) Edith (1871-1938) (items) (chron.)
Educationist and writer. Born in Dover, Ohio; died in Chicago, Illinois.

Rickman, Gregg (fl. 1980s-2000s) (items) (chron.)

Ricks, Peirson (1908-1950) (items) (chron.)
Novelist. Born in Mayodan, North Carolina.

Riddell, Elizabeth (Richmond) (1910-1998) (items) (chron.)

Riddell, Florence; [i.e., Florence Gertrude McDonald Riddell] (1885-1960) (items) (chron.)
Born in London.

Rideaux, Charles de Balzac; [born Ernest Charles de Balzac Willett] (1900-1971) (items) (chron.)
Son of E. Noddall Willett; stepfather’s last name was Ridout which somehow became Rideaux for this author.

Rideout, Henry Milner (1877-1927) (items) (chron.)
Born in Calais, Maine; graduate of Harvard, where he was editor-in-chief of The Harvard Monthly; toured the Far East and then settled in Sausalito, California; died in Europe while on a family trip.

Ridge, Antonia (1895-1981) (items) (chron.)

Ridge, W(illiam) Pett (1859-1930) (items) (chron.)

Ridgewell, William (L.) (1881-1937) (items) (chron.)

Riehl, W(ilhelm) Heinrich (1823-1897) (items) (chron.)

Rieseberg, [Lieut.] Harry E(arl) (1892-1970) (items) (chron.)
Underwater expert, authority on treasure wrecks, prolific writer. Born in Washington, D.C.; died in Paradise, California.

Riesenberg, Felix (1879-1939) (items) (chron.)
Born in Milwaukee; educated at Columbia University. Seaman, explorer, engineer.

Riesenberg, Sidney H(arry) (1885-1971) (items) (chron.)

Riess, Curt (1902-1993) (items) (chron.)
Born in Germany; newspaper correspondent.

Riggs, Arthur Stanley (1879-1952) (items) (chron.)
Author, editor, archaeologist, historian, retired naval officer. Born in Cranford, New Jersey; died in Washington, D.C.

Riggs, Robert (1896-1970) (items) (chron.)

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