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    Harlem Stories   (about)
    General magazine featuring stories about black life in Harlem.

    • Publishers:
      • Jaycline Publishing Corp.; 2 Duane St., New York, NY.: Harlem Stories.

    How-7   (about)
    How-7 was a precursor to Robert Collier’s longer running journal, Mind, Inc., and is virtually identical in all but physical format. The last three issues feature the same standard cover image (a hand holding a globe) that adorned the covers of the later title. The fiction is the same mix of fantasy and almost-fantasy, with all them being reprints.

    The magazine’s title in the first issue is given as simply How in the indicia, the running head and the subscription ad on page 93. The copyright registration for that issue was under the full title, however.

    Although the publisher is stated to be Robert Collier, Inc. on all contents pages, a Statement of Ownership that appears in the ad pages of the June issue gives the magazine’s owner as Personal Arts Company, which was wholly owned by International Textbook Company, both of Scranton, PA. It also lists an additional editor not named on the mastheads.

    The first two issues have groups of copyright notices for the various reprinted items therein, but they are not paired with the individual pieces. Some of these notices were matched up through outside sources. Unmatched copyrights for the first issue are: 1921 by Crowell Publishing Co. and 1921, 1922, by Doubleday, Page. Unmatched copyrights for the second issue are: 1921, 1922, by Doubleday, Page and 1909 by P.F. Collier & Son.

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