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    The Scrap Book [Vol. VI No. 3, September 1908] (The Frank A. Munsey Company, 25¢, 180+192pp, pulp)
    The editorial insert (on blue paper) announces the former 2nd (fiction) section will next month become a new title, The Cavalier, while Live Wire, recently begun as a color-printing test, will be combined into The Scrap Book, which will continue and will publish both fiction and nonfiction, with color illustrations. Each will sell for ten cents. Munsey claims the two-section version was “on the whole…a decided success,” but he faced opposition from newsdealers, and with so many magazines had difficulty getting enough advertising support for all. Also, he was “forced to the conclusion that there is but one thing I can feel sure about, and that is good, wide-awake fiction.” He gives no claimed figures of circulation, but hints he may try a two-section title again at some point in the future. Details supplied by Denny Lien.

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