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Smith, Jessie Willcox (1863-1935) (stories)

Smith, Lee (1944- ) (stories)

Smith, Leonard K(ingsley) (1876-1955) (stories)
Clergyman and author. Born in Boston, Massachusetts; died in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Smith, Lewis Worthington (1866-1947) (stories)

Smith, Ralph Crosby (1907-1962) (art)

Smith, Red [i.e., Walter Wellesley Smith] (1905-1982) (stories)

Smith, Sheila-Kaye (1887-1956) (stories)

Smith, Stanley E(ugene) (1926-2011) (stories)

Smith, Sydney “Bill” [i.e., Eric Sydney Smith] (1912-2002) (stories)

Smith, (James) Thorne (Jr.) (1892-1934) (stories)

Smith, Wallace (1888-1937) (stories)

Smith, Walton (fl. 1950s-1970s) (stories)
Lived in Closter, New Jersey; no additional information, but not to be confused with Rear Admiral Walton Wiley Smith (1896?-1966).

Smith, Walton Hall (1898-?) (stories)
Advertising writer; also did a book on alcohol. Born in Kansas City, Missouri.

Smith, Winchell (1871-1933) (stories) (assoc.)
Born in Hartford, Connecticut; actor and dramatist.

Smith, W(illia)m E(rnest) (1892-1969) (stories)
Educator and author; born in Licking, Missouri and died in Oxford, Ohio.

Smith, Wyman Sidney (fl. 1920s-1930s) (stories)
Wisconsin writer.

Smullen, Ivor ({c}1928-2006) (stories)

Smyth, [Dame] Ethel (Mary) (1858-1944) (stories)

Snaith, J(ohn) C(ollis) (1876-1936) (stories)

Sneddon, Robert W(illiam) (1880-1944) (stories)
Writer of mystery stories. Born in Beith, Scotland; educated at Glasgow University; contributed over 400 short stories to American and European magazines; author of several successful vaudeville sketches; died in New York City.

Snell, Edmund (1889-1972) (stories)

Snider, Roy (fl. 1920s) (stories)
Born in Toronto, Canada.

Snow, Charles H(orace) (1877-1967) (stories)
Born in Lower Lake, California; extremely prolific writer of westerns, with 465 novels to his credit, an even more impressive achievement when one learns that he was totally blind since 1914. Died in Napa, California.

Snow, Walter (1905-1973) (stories)
Born in Connecticut; New York City newspaperman, short story writer.

Soare, William F(ulton) (1896-1940) (art)

Sobol, Donald J. (1924-2012) (stories)

Sobol, Louis (1896-1986) (stories)

Söderberg, Hjalmar (Emil Frederik) (1869-1941) (stories)

Soderberg, Yngve Edward (1896-1971) (art)
Born in Chicago, Illinois; died in Mystic, Connecticut (?).

Soglow, Otto (1900-1975) (stories)

Sokoloff, Natalie B. [name anglicized to Nancy Anderson Scott] (1906-?) (stories)
Novelist and journalist. Born in Ekaterinoslav, Russia. Daughter of Boris Kamyshansky.

Sokolow, Norman H(askell) (fl. 1940s) (stories)
Also published a book of poetry. Probably from California.

Sologub, Fyodor; pseudonym of Fëdor Kuzmich Teternikov (1863-1927) (stories)

Solomons, Theodore Seixas (fl. 1910s-1930s) (stories)
Traveller and writer. Born in San Francisco, California.

Solon, S. L. (fl. 1940s-1960s) (stories)
Probably pseudonymous.

Soltesz, Frank (fl. 1950s-1960s) (art)
Born in Derry, Pennsylvania; died in Sherman, Connecticut (?).

Somerville, Charles (Cecil Lee D’Montral) (1876-1931) (stories)
Born in New Orleans of Creole descent; magazine writer, New York City reporter.

Somerville, E(dith Anna) Œ(none) (1858-1949) (stories)

Sommer, J. G. (fl. 1910s) (art)
New York City area artist.

Sonnenschein, Edward (fl. 1940s) (stories)
Collector of Oriental art. Not to be confused with Edward Adolf Sonnenschein (1851-1929).

Sonnichsen, Albert (1878-1931) (stories)
Journalist, short story writer. Born in San Francisco, California; died in Willimantic, Connecticut.

Sontheimer, Morton (1906-1975) (stories)

Soper, Eloise Liddon (1897-?) (stories)
Born in Gordon, Alabama, and graduated from Huntingdon College; lived in New York.

Sorabji, Cornelia (1866-1954) (stories)

Sorenson, Edward S(ylvester) (1869-1939) (stories)
Born in Dyraaba, New South Wales; began working at age 9 while intermittently in school; apprenticed to a carpenter at age 14; thereafter he was a gold prospector, worked at sheep stations, became a publican, and settled in Sydney to become a writer; as such he was prolific, contributing to periodicals and writing stories and verse; known for expert descriptions of wildlife.

Sorg, Arley (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Souster, Raymond (Holmes) (1921-2012) (stories)

Soutar, (Edward) Andrew (1879-1941) (stories)
Born Edward Andrew Stagg in Wiltshire; married Elspeth Soutar Swinton as Stagg in 1911; but then adopted the last name Soutar; death in Cornwall registered as Edward Andrew Soutar.

South, Ira (1893-1918) (stories)
Texas poet.

South, Marshal (1889-1948) (stories)
Born Roy Bennett Richards in Gelenelg, near Adelaide, Australia; came to the U.S. in 1908 with his mother and brother, settling in Oceanside, California; began using Marshal South for his writings in 1912 and it apparently became his adopted/legal name, under which his marriages, census records and WWII draft registration are listed. (His second wife Tanya is listed in social security death records as Tanya South and his first son as Marshal L. South Jr.) Author of 8 novels (none published in the U.S.), over 50 poems, short stories and essays and many Desert Magazine articles; lived latterly in a self-constructed house on “Ghost Mountain” in the California desert.

Southey, Robert (1774-1843) (stories)

Southworth, [Col.] Richard (fl. 1960s) (stories)
Probably pseudonymous.

Souvestre, Emile (1806-1854) (stories)

Sowden, Lewis (1903-1974) (stories) (assoc.)

Spalding, [Rev.] Samuel C(harles) (1878-1962) (stories)
Born in Leavenworth, Kansas; educated at Meadville Theological School in Pennsylvania; founder of Chicago publishing company in 1921.

Spalding, Susan Marr (1841-1908) (stories)

Sparkes, Boyden (1890-1954) (stories)
Editor and author. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio; died in Wilson, North Carolina.

Sparks, David R. (1897-1968) (stories)
Writer and manufacturer. Born in Alton, Illinois; died in Whitefield, New Hampshire.

Sparrow, Gerald (1903-?) (stories)

Speare, Dorothy (1898-1951) (stories)

Spearman, Frank H(amilton) (1859-1937) (stories)
Born in Buffalo, N.Y.; educated at Lawrence College, Notre Dame and Loyola University. While he was a bank president in Nebraska, he was also a prolific writer of westerns, especially fiction and non-fiction on railways.

Spears, Raymond S(miley) (1876-1950) (stories) (assoc.)
Award-winning author, expert woodsman, journalist; popular for his tales of the wilderness. Born in Bellevue, Ohio; died in Inglewood, California.

Speight, T(homas) W(ilkinson) (1830-1915) (stories)

Spence, (John) Hartzell (1908-2001) (stories) (assoc.)

Spencer, Cornelia; pseudonym of Grace Sydenstricker Yaukey (1899-1994) (stories)

Spencer, Elizabeth (1921- ) (stories)
Born in Carrollton, Miss.

Spencer, Lilian White (1876-1953) (stories)

Spenser, Edmund (1552-1599) (stories)

Speyer, Edward (1884-?) (stories)
Journalist. Not to be confused with the friend of Johannes Brahms and Richard Wagner (1841-1934).

Spicer, Betty Coe [born Betty Helena Coe] (1913-1994) (stories)
Daughter of Charles Francis Coe.

Spicer, Bill (1937- ) (stories)

Spillane, Mickey [i.e., Frank Morrison Spillane] (1918-2006) (stories) (assoc.)

Spivack, Kathleen (1938- ) (stories)

Spock, Benjamin, M.D. (1903-1998) (stories)

Spofford, Harriet (Elizabeth) Prescott (1835-1921) (stories)

Spring, Bob [i.e., Robert Walton Spring] (1918- ) (stories) (art)
Twin photographers. Born in Jamestown, New York.

Spring, Ira (1918-2003) (stories) (art)

Springer, Norman (1888-1974) (stories)
Writer, spent time at sea. Born in Ontario, Canada; lived in San Francisco, California from 1896 onwards.

Springer, Thomas Grant (1873-?) (stories)
Author and playwright. Born in Sacramento, California.

Springs, Elliott White (1896-1959) (stories)
Fifth-ranking American flying ace of World War I, credited with shooting down 11 enemy aircraft.

Springstubb, Tricia (1950- ) (stories)

Sprunt, Alexander, Jr. (1898-1973) (stories)
Born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, an ornithologist and author, died in Charleston, South Carolina.

Squire, [Sir] J(ohn) C(ollings) (1884-1958) (stories)

Squires, C(harles) Clyde (1883-1970) (art)

St. John, J(ames) Allen (1872-1957) (art)

St. John-Loe, Gladys (Evelyn) [born Gladys Evelyn Camp] (1892-1977) (stories)
Born in Paddington, London.

St. Johns, Adela (Nora) Rogers (1894-1988) (stories)

St. Vrain, Ray; pseudonym of John Louis Berry (fl. 1900s-1930s) (stories)
Dime novelist William Henry Manning (1852-1929) sometimes used the pseudonym E. L. St. Vrain, and it is dimly possible that this is one of Manning’s pseudonyms.

Stabin, Victor (1954- ) (art)

Stabler, Ken(neth Michael) (1945-2015) (stories) (assoc.)

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