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Wead, Frank (Wilber) (1895-1947) (stories)
Aviator and playwright. Born in Peoria, Illinois; died in Santa Monica, California.

Weatherby, W(illiam) J(ohn) ({c}1930-1992) (stories)
Note: Birth and death recorded as just William Weatherby.

Weaver, Jay (?-1960) (art)
New York City artist.

Weaver, John V(an) A(lstyne) (1893-1938) (stories)
Poet, novelist, playwright. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina; died in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Webb, Charles Henry (1834-1905) (stories)

Webb, Charles Nicholls (1888-1926) (stories)
Poet, author and journalist. Died in Duluth, Minnesota.

Webb, John (fl. 1920s-1930s) (stories)
Perhaps Australian editor John Webb. Served in France during the first World War; lived in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Webb, Mary (G. Meredith) (1881-1927) (stories)

Webb, Paul (1902-1985) (art)

Webb, Richard Wilson (1901-1970) (stories)
Born in Burnham-on-Sea, England; educated at Cambridge; lived in Massachusetts.

Webb, Thomas H(aggerty) (1884-1975) (art)

Webber, Everett M. (1909- ) (stories) (assoc.)
Writer. Born in Charleston, Mississippi; lives in Clarksville, Arkansas.

Weber, Lenora Mattingly (1895-1971) (stories)

Webster, Daniel (1782-1852) (stories)

Webster, [Captain] F(rederick) A(nnesley) M(ichael) (1886-1949) (stories)

Wechsberg, Joseph (1907-1983) (stories)

Weck, Philip (fl. 1940s-1960s) (stories)
Journalist, resident in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Weekes, A(gnes) R(ussell) (1880-1940) (stories)
Born in Rochester, Kent, England; died in Slindon, Sussex; sister of R(ose) K(irkpatrick) Weekes.

Weekes, R(ose) K(irkpatrick) (1874-1956) (stories)
Sister of A(gnes) R(ussell) Weekes.

Weeks, Jack (1907-1971) (stories) (assoc.)
Crime beat journalist in Detroit, Chicago, and Miami.

Weeks, Robert Kelley (1840-1876) (stories)

Wees, Frances Shelley (1902-1982) (stories)
Note: Birth name was Frances Almeda Johnson, and she apparently adopted her mother’s maiden name as a part of her writing byline.

Weidman, Jerome (1913-1998) (stories) (assoc.)

Weigall, Arthur (Edward Pearse Brome) (1880-1934) (stories)
Chief Inspector of Antiquities for Upper Egypt, 1905-1911, set designer for the London revue stage during WWI, film critic, writer of lyrics.

Weight, Harold O. (1911- ) (stories)
California writer.

Weill, Irwin J(ulius) (1908-1956) (stories) (art)

Weiman, Rita (1889-1954) (stories)
Born in Philadelphia; playwright; contributed to many U.S. and European magazines.

Weir, Hugh C(osgro) (1884-1934) (stories)
Born in Illinois; reporter in that state and in Ohio; freelance magazine writer, then prolific screenwriter; operated an advertising agency in 1928 and was editorial director of Tower Magazines at the time of his death.

Weisinger, Mort(imer) (1915-1978) (stories) (assoc.)

Weiss, Morris (Samuel) (1915-2014) (stories)
Cartoonist, illustrator, author. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; lives in Florida.

Welch, Denton (Maurice) (1915-1948) (stories)

Welch, J. Herbert (fl. 1900s-1910s) (stories)
Not to be confused with the Methodist writer Herbert Welch (1862-1969).

Weld, H(oratio) Hastings (1811-1888) (stories)

Weldon, E. D. (fl. 1920s) (art)
Cartographer. Not to be confused with artist Charles Dater Weldon (1855-1935).

Weldon, Fay [born Franklin Birkinshaw] (1933- ) (stories)

Welke, Ian (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Welles, (George) Orson (1915-1985) (stories) (assoc.)

Wellman, Manly Wade (1903-1986) (stories)

Wells, A(rthur) W(alter) (1894-1977) (stories)
Born in England; journalist; served in WWI, then on staff of Cape Argus; spent some time in New Zealand, then back to South Africa; became editor of The Outspan from 1927.

Wells, Carolyn [i.e., Carolyn Wells Houghton] (1869-1942) (stories)

Wells, Emmett Mixx Spencer (1869-?) (stories)
Traveller, writer, adventurer. Born in Brooklyn, New York.

Wells, G. A. (fl. 1910s-1930s) (stories)
Traveller and writer. Born in Ohio. Not to be confused with Canadian scholar and bishop George Anderson Wells (1877-1964).

Wells, H(erbert) G(eorge) (1866-1946) (stories) (assoc.)

Wells, Lee E(dwin) (1907-1982) (stories)
Born in Indianapolis; licensed public accountant in California; associated with an occult school in New York City; has been an MWA board member; deeply involved in Freemasonry. Living near Los Angeles; working in advertising and TV production; author of short stories.

Wells, William H. (fl. 1920s-1930s) (stories)
Perhaps advertising agent and sales executive William Henson Wells (1886?-1958). Not to be confused with educationist William Hughes Wells (1859-1919).

Welshimer, Helen (1901-1954) (stories)

Wentworth-James, Gertie de S. (1874-1933) (stories)

Wenzel, Bill (1918-1987) (stories)

Wenzell, Zillah [i.e., Mrs. Adolph H. Wenzell, born Zillah Townsend Thompson] (1897-1973) (stories)

Werfel, Franz (1890-1945) (stories)

Wert, George H(arrison) (1888-1950) (art)

Wessolowski, Hans W(aldemar) “Wesso” (1894-1948) (art)

West, Anna (1938- ) (stories)
Retired university English composition teacher living in Las Vegas.

West, Anthony (Panther) (1914-1987) (stories)

West, Horace J. (fl. 1910s) (stories)
California expert on mines and mining.

West, (Mary) Jessamyn (1902-1984) (stories)

West, Morris L(anglo) (1916-1999) (stories) (assoc.)

West, Paul (Clarendon) (1871-1918) (stories)
Perhaps the pseudonym of journalist William Andrew Johnson (1879-1929); perhaps journalist Paul Clarendon West (1871-1918); perhaps somebody else.

West, William (fl. 1910s) (stories)
U. S. Forest Ranger on Black Mesa Reserve. Also a lawyer.

Westall, William (Bury) (1834-1903) (stories)

Westcott, Edward Noyes (1846-1898) (stories)
Born in Syracuse, N.Y.

Westenholz, Mary (Bess) (1857-1947) (stories)

Westerby, Robert (James) (1909-1968) (stories)
Born and lived in London; foreign correspondent and screen writer; invited to California to work for Disney in 1961; died in Santa Monica, California.

Westlake, Donald E(dwin Edmund) (1933-2008) (stories)

Westman, Lolita Ann (1906-1965) (stories)

Weston, Garnett (James) (1890-1980) (stories)
Born in Toronto; editor for Vancouver Sun, then to Los Angeles for screen writing for 20 years; then to Vancouver Island in 1942; died in Victoria.

Weston, George (Thomas) (1880-1965) (stories)

Weston, Jessie L(aidlay) (1850-1928) (stories)

Weston, Joanna M. (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Westrup, William (1881-1943) (stories)
Born in London; went to South Africa by 1900 and became a diamond digger and trader.

Wetherald, Ethelwyn (1857-1940) (stories)

Wetherill, Julie K. [i.e., Julia Kein Wetherill Baker] (1858-1931) (stories)

Wethey, Leila Holt Lomax (1865-1933) (stories)
Born in Stratford, England; married naturalized American Arthur Harvey Wethey in 1905; lived in the U.S. 1908-1914, then in Paris where she died.

Wetjen, Albert Richard (1900-1948) (stories) (assoc.)

Wetmore, Claude H(azeltine) (1862-1944) (stories)

Wexler, Elmer (1918-2007) (art)

Weybright, Victor (1903-1978) (stories)
Author and editor; founder of popular paperback publishing company the New American Library. Born in Keymar, Maryland; died in New York City.

Wharram, James (fl. 1950s-1960s) (stories)
Lived in North Wales, Great Britain.

Wheeler, A(ndrew) C(arpenter) (1835-1903) (stories)
Born in New York City.

Wheeler-Nicholson, [Major] Malcolm (1890-1965) (stories)

Wheelwright, Edith Gray (1868-1949) (stories)
Born in Surrey; died in Weston-super-Mare; writer on popular science.

Wheldon, [Sir] Huw (Pyrs) (1916-1986) (stories)

Whelton, Paul (Francis) (1894-1953) (stories)
Born in Boston; died in Braintree, Massachusetts; veteran newspaper man who was with the Boston Daily Record at the time of his death.

Whipple, Chandler H(enry) (1905-1977) (stories)
Writer and editor. Born in Jackson County, Michigan; lived in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Whipple, Dorothy [née Stirrup] (1893-1966) (stories)

Whipple, Kenneth (Duane) (1894-1974) (stories)
Newspaper editor in New Hampshire.

Whipple, Leon(idas) Rutledge (1882-1964) (stories)
Author and editor. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri; died in New York City.

Whishaw, Fred(erick James) (1854-1934) (stories)
Born in St. Petersburg, Russia; his family came to England when he was a baby; studied at Leamington College and Uppingham; back St. Petersburg 1870-1884; began a career as a musican and became a well-known and successful tenor; was a translator of Dostoevsky’s works from the Russian; then writer of numerous schoolboy stories.

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903) (stories)

Whitaker, H(erman) (1867-1919) (stories)
Born in Huddersfield, England.

White, (George) Ared (1880-1941) (stories)

White, Betty (Marion) (1922- ) (stories)

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