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ANONYMOUS (stories) (chron.)
_____, ed.

ANTHONY, PIERS; pseudonym of Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, (1934- ) (stories) (chron.)

ANVIL, CHRISTOPHER; pseudonym of Harry C. Crosby, (1922- ) (stories) (chron.)

ARKLEY, ARTHUR J., ed. (chron.)

ARNOLD, FRANCIS; see under Arnold, Frank Edward (stories) (chron.)

ARNOLD, FRANK EDWARD; [i.e., Francis Joseph Eric Edward Arnold] (1914-1987) (stories) (chron.)

ARNOLD, MARK ALAN, ed. (1951-?) (stories) (chron.)

ARTHUR, ROBERT (Jr.) (1909-1969); see under Anon.; see also Alfred Hitchcock (stories) (chron.)

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