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KELLEY, LEO P(atrick) (1928-2002) (books) (chron.)

KELLEY, THOMAS P(atrick) (1905-1982) (chron.)

KELLY, FRANK K(ing) (1914- ) (books) (chron.)

KELLY, JAMES PATRICK (1951- ) (chron.)

KELLY, JOHN (chron.)


KELLY, WALT; [i.e., Walter Crawford Kelly] (1913-1973) (chron.)

KEMP, EARL (1929- ) (chron.)

KEMP, PENNY (chron.)

KENIN, MILLEA (1942-1992) (books) (chron.)

KENNEDY, JOSEPH CHARLES (1929- ); see pseudonym X. J. Kennedy (chron.)

KENNEDY, LEIGH (1951- ) (chron.)

KENNEDY, X. J.; pseudonym of Joseph Charles Kennedy, (1929- ) (chron.)

KENNY, WADE (chron.)

KENT, KELVIN; joint pseudonym of Henry Kuttner & Arthur K. Barnes, in collaboration unless otherwise noted (chron.)

KENT, MORGAN (chron.)

KENT, RUSSELL (chron.)

KEPLER, JOHANNES (1571-1630) (chron.)

KERNAGHAN, EILEEN (Shirley Monk) (1939- ) (chron.)

KEROUAC, JACK; [i.e., John Kerouac] (1922-1969) (chron.)

KERR, DAVID (chron.)

KERR, WALTER H. (1914- ) (chron.)

KERSH, GERALD (1911-1968); see pseudonym P. J. Gahagan (books) (chron.)

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