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LUPOFF, RICHARD A. (books) (chron.) (continued)

LUSTBADER, ERIC VAN (1946- ) (chron.)

LUTZ, JOHN (Thomas) (1939- ) (chron.)

LVOV, ARKADY (chron.)

LYLE, DAVID (chron.)

LYNCH, JANE GASKELL; see under Gaskell, Jane (chron.)

LYNCH, MAL (chron.)


LYNN, ELIZABETH A(nne) (1946- ) (books) (chron.)
_____, [ref.]

LYON, RICHARD K(enneth) (1933- ) (chron.)

LYONS, KEVIN A. (chron.)


LYTLE, B. J. (chron.)

LYTTON, LORD BULWER; see under Bulwer-Lytton, Edward (chron.)

M---, MR.; pseudonym of Julian Croskey (chron.)

M., P. G. (chron.)

MABBOTT, THOMAS O(llive) (1898-1968) (chron.)

MacANN, K. W. (chron.)

MacAPP, C. C.; pseudonym of Carroll M. Capps, (1913-1971) (chron.)

MacBETH, GEORGE (Mann) (1932-1992) (chron.)

MacCAIG, NORMAN (chron.)

MacCORMAC, JOHN (chron.)

MacCREAGH, GORDON (1886-1953) (chron.)

MacCREIGH, JAMES; pseudonym of Frederik Pohl, (1919- ) (chron.)

MacDONALD, ANSON; pseudonym of Robert A. Heinlein, (1907-1988) (chron.)

MacDONALD, GEORGE (1824-1905) (chron.)

MACDONALD, JAMES D(ouglas) (1954- ) (chron.)
_____, [ref.]

MacDONALD, JOHN D(ann) (1916-1986) (books) (chron.)

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