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RAYER, FRANCIS G. (books) (chron.) (continued)

RAYMOND, EMIL; see pseudonym Ralph Barton (chron.)

RAYMOND, HUGH; pseudonym of John B. Michel, (1917-1969) (chron.)

RAYNAUD, OLIVIER (1955- ); see pseudonym Richard D. Nolane (books) (chron.)

REA, GARDNER (chron.)

READE, ISABEL (chron.)
_____, trans.

READY, W(illiam) B(ernard) (1914-1981) (chron.)

REAMY, TOM; [i.e., Thomas Earl Reamy] (1935-1977) (books) (chron.)
_____, [ref.]

REANEY, JAMES (1926- ) (chron.)

REAVES, J(ames) MICHAEL (1950- ) (books) (chron.)

REAVES, MICHAEL; see under Reaves, J. Michael (books) (chron.)

REDD, DAVID (chron.)

REDGROVE, PETER (William) (1932-2003) (chron.)

REED, CLIFFORD C(ecil) (1911- ) (books) (chron.)

REED, ISHMAEL (Scott) (1938- ) (chron.)

REED, KIT (1932- ) (books) (chron.)

REED, ZEALIA BROWN; later as Zealia Brown Bishop (chron.)

REEDS, F. ANTON; see pseudonym Anthony Riker (chron.)

REEN, TON van (chron.)

REES, L. (chron.)

REESE, JOHN (Henry) (1910-1981) (chron.)

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