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BATTEAU, DWIGHT WAYNE (1916- ) (chron.)

BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES PIERRE (1821-1867) (chron.)

BAUDINO, GAÈL (1955- ) (chron.)

BAUER, GERALD M. (chron.)

BAUM, L(yman) FRANK (1856-1919) (chron.)

BAUM, THOMAS (1940- ) (chron.)


BAXTER, JOHN (Martin) (1939- ); see pseudonym Martin Loran (books) (chron.)

BAYLESS, RAYMOND (1920?-2004) (chron.)

BAYLEY, BARRINGTON J(ohn) (1937- ); see pseudonyms Alan Aumbry, P. F. Woods & Peter Woods (books) (chron.)

BEAGLE, PETER S(oyer) (1939- ) (chron.)

BEALBY, J. T. (chron.)
_____, trans.

BEAN, NORMAN; pseudonym of Edgar Rice Burroughs, (1875-1950) (chron.)

BEAR, GREG(ory Dale) (1951- ) (books) (chron.)

BEARD, JAMES H.; see pseudonym Philip James (chron.)

BEAUCLERK, JANE; pseudonym of M. J. Engh, (1933- ) (chron.)

BEAUMONT, CHARLES; [legalized from Charles Leroy Nutt] (1929-1967); see pseudonym Michael Phillips (books) (chron.)

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