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SLADEK, JOHN (books) (chron.) (continued)
_____, reviews:

SLATEN, JEFF (chron.)

SLAVIN, GEORGE F. (chron.)

SLESAR, HENRY (1927-2002); see pseudonym Sley Harson (chron.)

SLOANE, WILLIAM (Milligan) (1906-1974) (books) (chron.)

SLOMAN, JOEL (chron.)

SLONE, RALPH W.; see pseudonym Ralph Williams (chron.)

SLUSSER, GEORGE E(dgar) (1939- ) (chron.)

SMAGIN, BORIS (chron.)

SMALE, FRED C. (chron.)

SMALL, AUSTIN J(ames) [originally Austin Small Major] (1894-1929); see pseudonym Seamark (chron.)

SMALLMOUNT, F. G. (chron.)

SMART, J. J. C. (chron.)

SMART, NINIAN (chron.)

SMEDS, DAVE (1955- ) (chron.)

SMIRL, DENNIS E. (chron.)

SMITH, ADAM (1723-1790) (chron.)

SMITH, ARTHUR D. HAUDEN; see under Smith, Arthur D. Howden (chron.)

SMITH, ARTHUR D(ouglas) HOWDEN (1887-1945) (chron.)

SMITH, BASIL A(lec) (1908-1969) (chron.)

SMITH, CECIL LEWIS TROUGHTON (1899-1966); see pseudonym C. S. Forester (chron.)

SMITH, CLARK ASHTON (1893-1961) (books) (chron.)

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