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WILLIAMSON, JACK (books) (chron.) (continued)

WILLIS, CONNIE; [i.e., Constance Elaine Trimmer Willis] (1945- ) (chron.)

WILOCH, THOMAS (J.) (chron.)

WILSON, [Sir] ANGUS (Frank Johnstone) (1913-1991) (chron.)

WILSON, CARTER (1941- ) (chron.)

WILSON, COLIN (Henry) (1931- ) (chron.)

WILSON, DAVID A. (chron.)

WILSON, F(rancis) PAUL (1946- ) (chron.)

WILSON, GAHAN (1930- ) (books) (chron.)


WILSON, JOHN ANTHONY BURGESS (1917-1993); see pseudonym Anthony Burgess (chron.)

WILSON, JOHN FLEMING (1877-1922) (chron.)

WILSON, R. (books) (chron.)

WILSON, RICHARD (1920-1987) (books) (chron.)

WILSON, ROBERT H. (chron.)

WILSON, ROBERT McNAIR (1882-1963); see pseudonym Anthony Wynne (chron.)

WILSON, ROBIN (Scott) (1928- ); see pseudonym Robin Scott (books) (chron.)

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