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They ed. R. Reginald & Doug Menville (New York: Arno Press 0-405-11015-4, 1978, $37.00, hc); Three novel-length parodies of H. Rider Haggard’s She. Pagination is reprinted from original sources and therefore is not sequential.

Space Lawyer Nat Schachner (New York: Gnome, 1953, $2.75, 222pp, hc)

The Universe Against Her James H. Schmitz (Ace F-314, 1964, 40¢, 160pp, pb) [Telzey Amberdon]

The Vortex Blaster E. E. Smith (Reading, PA: Fantasy Press, 1960, $3.00, 191pp, hc) ["Storm" Cloud (Vortex Blaster)]; The three stories in the series plus new material.

Science Fiction ed. L. P. Stupin (Leningrad: Prosveshcheniye, 1970, .34 rubles, 215pp, pb)

...And My Fear Is Great... & Baby Is Three Theodore Sturgeon (New York: Magabook #3, 1965, 50¢, 127pp, pb, cover by Gray Morrow)

Futures Conditional ed. Robert Theobald (Bobbs-Merrill LCC# 77-183105, 1972, 359pp, hc); Only fiction listed.

Supermind A. E. van Vogt (DAW 0-685-71173-0, 1977, $1.25, 176pp, pb) [William Leigh]; Fix-up novel.

Science Fiction ed. A. A. Veize (Moscow: Vysshaya Shkola, 1964, r.28, 131pp, pb, cover by A. T. Yakovlev); Anthology of six stories for students learning English. The stories are simplified by the editor.

Doctor Ox and Other Stories Jules Verne (Boston: J.R. Osgood, 1874, 290pp, hc)

Doctor Ox and Other Stories Jules Verne (Arco, 1964, 12/6, 191pp, hc)

Doctor Ox’s Experiment and Master Zacharius Jules Verne (London, 1892, hc)

A Winter Amid the Ice and Other Stories Jules Verne (London, 1890, hc)

Worse Things Waiting Manly Wade Wellman (Carcosa 0-913796-00-X, 1973, $9.50, xii+353pp, hc, cover by Lee Brown Coye); Ghost/horror collection.

The Cone H. G. Wells (Fontana 1125, 1965, 3/6, 160pp, pb)

Early Writings in Science and Science Fiction H. G. Wells (University of California Press 0-520-02679-9, 1975, 249pp, hc); Edited by Robert M. Philmus and David Y. Hughes.

The Scientific Romances of H.G. Wells H. G. Wells (London: Gollancz, 1933, 8/6, 1222pp, hc)

Tales of Life and Adventure H. G. Wells (London: Collins, 1954, 254pp, hc)

Tales of the Unexpected H. G. Wells (London: Collins, 1954, 252pp, hc)

The Valley of the Spiders H. G. Wells (Fontana, 1966, 3/6, 191pp, pb)

The Everlasting Exiles Wallace West (New York: Avalon, 1967, $3.25, 190pp, hc)

Time Lockers Wallace West (Avalon, 1964, $2.95, 190pp, hc)

Famous Utopias of the Renaissance Frederic R. White (Chicaho, IL: Packard & Co., 1946, hc)

Out of This World Choice ed. Amabel Williams-Ellis & Mably Owen (Blackie 0-216-89346-1, 1972, £1.50, 188+188pp, hc); Omnibus of the two young-adult SF anthologies Out of This World 2 (Blackie 1961) and Out of This World 5 (Blackie 1965), paginated separately.

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