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Travelling Towards Epsilon ed. Maxim Jakubowski (NEL 450 03068 7, 1976, £4.95, 288pp, hc); An Anthology of French Science Fiction

Twenty Houses of the Zodiac ed. Maxim Jakubowski (NEL 450 04333 9, Jul ’79, £1.25, 237pp, pb)

Valence and Vision: A Reader in Psychology ed. Rich Jones & Richard L. Roe (Rinehart, 1974, pb)

Boris Karloff’s Favorite Horror Stories ed. Boris Karloff (Avon G1264, May ’65, 50¢, 176pp, pb); Also as The Boris Karloff Horror Anthology.

Introductory Psychology Through Science Fiction ed. Harvey A. Katz, Martin H. Greenberg & Patricia S. Warrick (Rand, McNally, 1977, tp)

Fiends and Creatures ed. Marvin Kaye (Popular Library 289, 1975, $1.25, 190pp, pb)

Star Ship Invincible Frank K. Kelly (Noel Young, 1979, tp)

Aliens & Lovers ed. Millea Kenin (Unique Graphics, Jun ’83, $5.00, 102pp, tp); An Anthology of Erotic Poetry with Fantasy and Science Fiction Themes.

Millennial Women ed. Virginia Kidd (Delacorte, 1978, hc); Also as The Eye of the Heron and Other Stories (Panther 1980, pb).

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