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Galaxy Volume 1 ed. Frederik Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander (Playboy Paperbacks 0-872-16917-0, 1981, $2.50, 240pp, pb); Reprint of the first half of Galaxy (Playboy 1980).

Galaxy Volume 2 ed. Frederik Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander (Playboy Paperbacks 0-872-16926-X, Nov ’81, $2.50, 238pp, pb); Reprint of the second half of Galaxy (Playboy 1980).

Reader’s Digest Science Fiction Top-Picks ed. Judith Hatch (Reader’s Digest Services 0-88300-328-7, 1977, 96pp, tp); Textbook, all stories abridged.

The Edward De Bono Science Fiction Collection ed. George Hay (The Elmfield Press 0-7057-0068-2, 1976, £4.95, 217pp, hc); SF anthology.

Waldo and Magic, Inc. Robert A. Heinlein (Doubleday, 1950, $2.50, 219pp, hc)

The Book of Frank Herbert Frank Herbert (Berkley, May ’81, 218pp, pb); Reprint, adds one article to DAW 1973 edition.

The Worlds of Science Fiction ed. Theodore W. Hipple & Robert G. Wright (Allyn and Bacon, Inc. LCC# 78-66719, 1979, 248pp, tp); Textbook.

The Molecule Men and The Monster of Loch Ness Sir Fred & Geoffrey Hoyle (London: Heinemann, 1971, hc)

Typewriter in the Sky and Fear L. Ron Hubbard (New York: Gnome Press, 1951, $2.75, 9+256pp, hc)

The Unorthodox Engineers Colin Kapp (Dobson 0-234-72072-7, 1979, 216pp, hc)

Solitary Hunters and The Abyss David H. Keller, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA: New Era, 1948, $3.00, 265pp, hc)

Chessboard Planet and Other Stories Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore (London: Hamlyn, 1983, £1.75, 192pp, pb)

Hard Words and Other Poems Ursula K. Le Guin (Harper Colophon 0-06-090848-3, 1981 [Nov ’81], $4.95, 79pp, tp, cover by Robert Malkin); Original collection of mainstream poems.

Blue Moon an anthology of SF ed. Douglas Lindsay (London: Mayflower Books 583-11686-8, 1970, 25p, 176pp, pb)

New Worlds from the Lowlands: Fantasy and Science Fiction of Dutch and Flemish Writers ed. Manuel van Loggem (New York: Merrick 0-89304-054-1, 1982, $12.00, 223pp, tp, cover by A. C. Willink)

Songs the Dead Men Sing George R. R. Martin (Dark Harvest, 1983, hc)

The Survival Kit Frederik Pohl (Panther, 1979, 192pp, hc); Reprint collection, abridged from The Frederik Pohl Omnibus (Gollancz 1966).

The Making of the Lesbian Horse Christopher Priest (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, Nov ’79 [Sep ’87], no price, 11pp, ph); Collection of an original short story providing a sequel, of sorts, to The Inverted World and an article explaining its genesis and title. Issued in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies, to coincide with Priest’s Guest of Honour appearance at Novacon 9.

Ladies from Hell Keith Roberts (Gollancz 0-575-02737-1, 1979, 198pp, hc)

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