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Paradox Lost, and 12 Other Great S.F. Stories Fredric Brown (Random House 394-48448-7, 1973, $5.95, 210pp, hc)

The Shaggy Dog and Other Murders Fredric Brown (Dutton, 1963, hc)

Space on My Hands Fredric Brown (Shasta, Jul ’51, $2.50, 224pp, hc)

Science-Fiction Carnival ed. Fredric Brown & Mack Reynolds (Shasta, Dec ’53, $3.50, 315pp, hc)

Science-Fiction Carnival ed. Fredric Brown & Mack Reynolds (Bantam A1615, Jun ’57, 35¢, 167pp, pb); Reprint (Shasta 1953) SF anthology.

From Frankenstein to Andromeda ed. James Goldie Brown (Macmillan UK, 1966, 7/6, 150pp, pb)

A Handful of Time Rosel George Brown (Ballantine F703, 1963, 50¢, 160pp, pb)

The Book of John Brunner John Brunner (DAW UY1213, Jan ’76, $1.25, 159pp, pb)

Entry to Elsewhen John Brunner (DAW UQ1026, Oct ’72, 95¢, 172pp, pb); Stories revised.

From This Day Forward John Brunner (Doubleday, 1972, hc)

Interstellar Empire John Brunner (DAW, Sep ’76, $1.50, 256pp, pb)

No Future in It John Brunner (Gollancz, 1962, 15/-, 192pp, hc)

No Other Gods But Me John Brunner (Compact F317, 1966, 3/6, 159pp, pb)

Not Before Time John Brunner (Four Square Books 2138, 1968, 3/6, 128pp, pb)

Now Then John Brunner (Mayflower 6500, Oct ’65, 3/6, 143pp, pb)

Out of My Mind John Brunner (Ballantine U5064, Feb ’67, 60¢, 220pp, pb)

Out of My Mind John Brunner (Four Square 2102, 1968, 3/6, 128pp, pb)

Time-Jump John Brunner (Dell 8917, Dec ’73, 95¢, 160pp, pb)

Times Without Number John Brunner (Ace F-161, 1962, 40¢, 139pp, pb) [Don Miguel Navarro (Society of Time)]; Bound with Destiny’s Orbit by David Grinnell..

The Traveler in Black John Brunner (Ace 82210, Jan ’71, 75¢, 222pp, pb) [Traveler in Black]

The Whole Man John Brunner (Ballantine U2219, Aug ’64, 50¢, 188pp, pb) [Gerald Howson]

Among the Dead Edward Bryant (Macmillan U.S., 1973, hc)

2076: The American Tricentennial ed. Edward Bryant (Pyramid 0-515-04203-X, Apr ’77, $1.95, 255pp, pb)

Budrys’ Inferno Algis Budrys (Berkley Medallion F799, Jul ’63, 50¢, 160pp, pb); In England as The Furious Future.

The Falling Torch Algis Budrys (Pyramid G-416, Jun ’59, 35¢, 158pp, pb) [Michael Wireman]

The Unexpected Dimension Algis Budrys (Ballantine 388K, 1960, 35¢, 159pp, pb)

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