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The Star Fox Poul Anderson (Doubleday, 1965, $4.50, 274pp, hc) [Gunnar Heim]

Strangers from Earth Poul Anderson (Ballantine 483 K, May ’61, 35¢, 144pp, pb)

Tales of the Flying Mountains Poul Anderson (Macmillan U.S., 1970, hc)

Time and Stars Poul Anderson (Doubleday, 1964, $3.95, 249pp, hc); British Edition Omits “Eve Times Four”.

Trader to the Stars Poul Anderson (Doubleday, 1964, $3.50, 176pp, hc) [Nicholas van Rijn]

The Trouble Twisters Poul Anderson (Doubleday, 1966, $3.95, 189pp, hc) [David Falkayn]

Twilight World Poul Anderson (Torquil, 1961, $2.95, 181pp, hc)

Un-Man and Other Novellas Poul Anderson (Ace F-139, 1962, 40¢, 158pp, pb); Bound with The Makeshift Rocket.

The Worlds of Poul Anderson Poul Anderson (Ace 91056, 1974, $1.95, 105+108+125pp, pb)

Earthman’s Burden Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson (Gnome, 1957, hc) [Hokas]

Nebula Award Stories No. 4 ed. Poul Anderson (Doubleday, Dec ’69, hc)

A World Named Cleopatra ed. Poul Anderson (Pyramid 0-515-03743-5, Mar ’77, $1.50, 192pp, pb); Produced by Roger Elwood.

The 6 Fingers of Time and 5 Other Science Fiction Novelets [by Samuel H. Post] ed. Anon. (MacFadden-Bartell 60-428, 1965, 60¢, 128pp, pb); Cover says “..novellas from Galaxy magazine”, although all stories are from (Worlds of) If!

The Battle for the Pacific and Other Adventures at Sea ed. Anon. (Harper & Row, 1908, hc)

Beyond [by Thomas A. Dardis] ed. Anon. (Berkley Medallion F712, Jan ’63, 50¢, 160pp, pb)

Beyond the Stars and Other Stories ed. Anon. (Sydney: Jubilee, 1958, pb)

Dr. Cyclops ed. Anon. (Popular Library, 1967, 60¢, pb)

The Doomsman/The Thief of Thoth ed. Anon. (Belmont/Tower 50244, Jul ’72, 75¢, unpaginated, pb)

The Flame if Iridar/Peril of the Starmen ed. Anon. (Belmont, May ’67, 50¢, 172pp, pb)

The Frozen Planet and 4 Other SF Novellas [by Samuel H. Post] ed. Anon. (MacFadden-Bartell 60-229, 1966, 60¢, 160pp, pb)

Gollancz - Sunday Times Best SF Stories ed. Anon. (Gollancz, 1975, hc)

The Heart of the Serpent ed. Anon. (Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961, 267pp, pb); Translated by R. Prokofieva. See also More Soviet Science Fiction.

Journey Across Three Worlds ed. Anon. (Moscow: Mir, 1973, hc)

Laurie’s Space Annual ed. Anon. (Laurie, 1953, hc)

The Machine-God Laughs ed. Anon. (Griffin, 1949, hc)

The Mindworm ed. Anon. (Tandem T118, 1967, 3/6, 191pp, pb); Abridged from The Best Science Fiction Stories: Second Series (Grayson, 1952), which is itself an abridgement of The Best Science-Fiction Stories: 1951 (Fell 1951, ed. D2

The Molecule Monsters ed. Anon. (Sidney: Whitman Press, 1950, 8d, 32pp+, pb)

The Moon Conquerors ed. Anon. (Swan, 1943, pb)

More Soviet Science Fiction ed. Anon. (Collier Books AS295V, 1962, 95¢, 190pp, pb); Adds an introduction to, and drops notes from, The Heart of the Serpent.

Path Into the Unknown ed. Anon. (MacGibbon & Kee, 1966, 26/-, 191pp, hc); The Best of Soviet Science Fiction US editions: Delacorte 1968 (hc) and Dell Nov ’68 (pb).

Planet of Doom and Other Stories ed. Anon. (Sydney: Jubilee, 1958, pb)

The Sands of Mars and Other Stories ed. Anon. (Sydney: Jubilee, 1958, pb)

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