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Infinity 2 ed. Robert Hoskins (Lancer, 1971, pb)

Infinity 3 ed. Robert Hoskins (Lancer, 1972, pb)

Infinity 4 ed. Robert Hoskins (Lancer, 1972, pb)

Infinity 5 ed. Robert Hoskins (Lancer, 1973, pb)

The Liberated Future: Voyages Into Tomorrow ed. Robert Hoskins (Fawcett Crest, Dec ’74, pb)

The Stars Around Us ed. Robert Hoskins (Signet T4202, Mar ’70, 75¢, 191pp, pb)

Strange Tomorrows ed. Robert Hoskins (Lancer, 1972, pb)

Tomorrow 1 ed. Robert Hoskins (Signet T4663, Jun ’71, 75¢, 192pp, pb, cover by David McCall Johnston)

Wondermakers ed. Robert Hoskins (Fawcett Crest, May ’72, pb)

Wondermakers 2 ed. Robert Hoskins (Fawcett Premier, Feb ’74, pb)

The Eskimo Invasion Hayden Howard (Ballantine U6112, Nov ’67, 75¢, 380pp, pb) [Esks]

6 and the Silent Scream ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont L92-564, May ’63, 50¢, 173pp, pb); Also Consul, 1964.

Escape to Earth ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont L92-571, Sep ’63, 50¢, 173pp, pb)

Masters of Science Fiction [by Ivan Howard] ed. Anon. (Belmont 92-606, Oct ’64, 50¢, 157pp, pb)

Novelets of Science Fiction ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont B50-770, 1963, 50¢, 173pp, pb)

Now & Beyond: Eight Great Science Fiction Adventures [by Ivan Howard] ed. Anon. (Belmont B50-646, Sep ’65, 50¢, 157pp, pb)

Rare Science Fiction ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont L92-557, Jan ’63, 50¢, 173pp, pb)

Things ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont L92-582, Feb ’64, 50¢, 157pp, pb)

Time Untamed [by Ivan Howard] ed. Anon. (Belmont 50245, 1967, 75¢, 175pp, pb)

Way Out ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont L92-575, Dec ’63, 50¢, 173pp, pb)

The Weird Ones ed. Ivan Howard (Belmont L92-541, Jul ’62, 50¢, 173pp, pb)

The Coming of Conan Robert E. Howard (Gnome, 1953, $3.00, 224pp, hc) [Conan]

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