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Double in Space Fletcher Pratt (Doubleday, 1951, $2.75, 217pp, hc)

Double in Space Fletcher Pratt (Boardman, 1954, 9/6, 222pp, hc)

Double Jeopardy Fletcher Pratt (Doubleday, 1952, $2.75, 214pp, hc) [George Helmfleety Jones]

Witches Three [by Fletcher Pratt] ed. Anon. (New York: Twayne, 1952, $3.95, 445pp, hc)

World of Wonder ed. Fletcher Pratt (New York: Twayne, 1951, $3.95, 445pp, hc)

Real-Time World Christopher Priest (NEL, 1974, hc)

The Other Place J. B. Priestley (Harper & Row, 1953, $3.00, 265pp, hc)

Lone Star Universe ed. George W. Proctor & Steven Utley (Heidelberg, 1976, hc); Speculative Fiction & Fantasy from Texas

The First World of If ed. James L. Quinn & Eve Wulff (Quinn, 1957, 50¢, 160pp+, dg)

The Second World of If ed. James L. Quinn & Eve Wulff (Quinn, 1958, 50¢, 160pp+, dg)

The Shrouded Planet Robert Randall (Gnome, 1958, hc)

The Thirst Quenchers Rick Raphael (Gollancz, 1965, 15/-, 175pp, hc)

The Star Seekers Francis G. Rayer (Pearsons T-B, 1954, 9d, 64pp, pb); Fix-up novel.

Worlds at War [by Francis G. Rayer] ed. Anon. (Tempest, 194?, 1/6, 128pp, pb)

Martian Enterprise Clifford C. Reed (Digit R638, 1962, 2/6, 160pp, pb)

The Silent Bullet Arthur B. Reeve (Dodd, Mead, 1912, 290pp, hc) [Craig Kennedy]

The Radium Pool Ed Earl Repp (Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc., 1949, $3.00, 188pp, hc); Also in Science-Fantasy Quintette.

The Stellar Missiles Ed Earl Repp (Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc., 1949, $2.75, 192pp, hc)

The Best of Mack Reynolds Mack Reynolds (Pocket, Apr ’76, pb)

Depression or Bust Mack Reynolds (Ace 14250, 1974, 95¢, pb); Bound with Dawnman Planet (Ace 1966) by Mack Reynolds.

Planetary Agent X Mack Reynolds (Ace M-131, 1965, 45¢, 133pp, pb); Fix-up novel, bound with Behold the Stars by Kenneth Bulmer.

Positive Charge Walt & Leigh Richmond (Ace, 1970, pb)

The Grain Kings Keith Roberts (Hutchinson 0-09-123490-5, 1976, hc)

Machines and Men Keith Roberts (Hutchinson, 1973, hc)

The Passing of the Dragons Keith Roberts (Berkley Medallion 425-03477-1, Apr ’77, pb)

Pavane Keith Roberts (Rupert Hart-Davis, 1968, hc) [Pavane]

Pavane Keith Roberts (Doubleday, 1968, hc) [Pavane]; Reprint (Rupert Hart-Davis 1968), adds “The White Boat”.

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon Spider Robinson (Ace, Jun ’77, pb, cover by Callahan’s Place)

The Men and the Mirror Ross Rocklynne (Ace, Feb ’73, pb)

The Sun Destroyers Ross Rocklynne (Ace, Mar ’73, pb) [Darkness]

Transformations ed. Daniel Roselle (Fawcett Premier, Dec ’73, pb); Understanding World History Through Science Fiction

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