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Strange Beasts and Unnatural Monsters ed. Philip Van Doren Stern (Fawcett Crest R1166, Aug ’68, 60¢, 224pp, pb)

Travelers in Time ed. Philip Van Doren Stern (Doubleday, Jul ’47, $3.50, 483pp, hc)

Future Without Future Jacques Sternberg (Seabury Press 0-8164-9170-4, 1973, $6.95, 210pp, hc)

Seetee Ship Will Stewart (Gnome, 1951, hc) [Seetee]

The Science Fiction of Frank R. Stockton Frank R. Stockton (Gregg Press 0-8398-2344-4, Jun ’76, hc)

14 Great Tales of ESP ed. Idella Purnell Stone (Fawcett Gold Medal, Nov ’69, pb)

Never in This World ed. Idella Purnell Stone (Fawcett Gold Medal, Apr ’71, pb)

The Other Worlds ed. Philip D. Stong (W. Funk, 1941, $2.50, 466pp, hc); Also as 25 Modern Stories of Mystery and Imagination.

Apeman, Spaceman ed. Leon E. Stover & Harry Harrison (Doubleday LCC# 68-14170, 1968, $5.95, 355pp, hc); Anthropological Science Fiction

Antigrav: Cosmic Comedies ed. Philip Strick (Hutchinson, Apr ’75, hc); US edition Taplinger 1976.

Aliens 4 Theodore Sturgeon (Avon T-304, 1959, 35¢, 224pp, pb)

Beyond Theodore Sturgeon (Avon T-439, Jun ’60, 35¢, 157pp, pb)

Case and the Dreamer Theodore Sturgeon (Nelson Doubleday, 1974, hc)

Caviar Theodore Sturgeon (Ballantine, Nov ’55, $2.00, 167pp, hc); Also in Science Fiction Special 3.

E Pluribus Unicorn Theodore Sturgeon (Abelard, 1953, $2.75, 276pp, hc)

The Joyous Invasion Theodore Sturgeon (Gollancz, 1965, 16/-, 208pp, hc)

More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon (Farrar, Straus & Young, 1953, $2.00, 233pp, hc)

Not Without Sorcery Theodore Sturgeon (Ballantine 506 K, Jun ’61, 35¢, 160pp, pb); 8 Stories from Without Sorcery.

Starshine Theodore Sturgeon (Pyramid X1543, Dec ’66, 60¢, 174pp, pb)

Sturgeon in Orbit Theodore Sturgeon (Pyramid F-974, Feb ’64, 40¢, 159pp, pb, cover by Ed Emsh)

Sturgeon Is Alive and Well... Theodore Sturgeon (G.P. Putnam’s, 1971, hc)

Thunder and Roses Theodore Sturgeon (Michael Joseph, 1957, 12/6, 255pp, hc); 8 Stories from A Way Home.

To Here and the Easel Theodore Sturgeon (Gollancz 0-575-01643-4, 1973, hc)

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