Listing by Publisher

Absolutely no publication data is given in this volume. Illustrated with color photos.
un Wood, Barry Orgasms in Space n.d.

Published by 101 Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 444, Lenox Hill Stn., NY, NY 10021. A series of Gay novels, they were tall, thin, saddle-stapled books.
42 S., Davy Gay Vampire 1969

An imprint of Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v. Started at # 401, the numbering jumped from 500 to 1501 and ended with #1679.
AB404 Holliday, Don Three on a Broomstick 1967
AB417 Dale, Corley The Chief Sexecutive 1968
AB419 Williams, J. X. ESP Orgy 1968
AB436 Vickery, Jay Man into Boy 1968
AB1538 Smythe, R. John Switch-Off 1970
*   AB1641 Lea, David His Psychic Daughter 1972

Published by After Hours Books Inc., at 1006 Prudential Bldg, Buffalo, NY. Prolific mid-Sixties porn publisher under several imprints.
*   AH 138 Dean, Anthony The Invaders 1966

Published at 5700 Cahuenga Blvd, N. Hollywood, CA (1962), then at 10539 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA (1963 to 1965), then at 7376 Greenbush Ave, N. Hollywood, CA 91605 (1966). There were at least two separate numbering sequences.
518 Farmer, Arthur The Nymph and the Satyr 1962
AS 523 Issacs, Simon Make Me a Woman 1962
AS 2 Farmer, Arthur Odd Girl Out 1963
AS 39 Lane, Jerry Sex with a Smile 1965
AS 80 Flaming, I. M. Snakefinger 1966
      (at least two separate editions)

American Art Enterprises, Inc.
Originally published at 7311 Fulton Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91605 (1964 to 1971), then at 21322 Lassen St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 (1971 to 1974). One of the major porn publishers, founded in the early 1960’s by Milton Luros, a former pulp magazine artist and Art Director for Columbia Publications in the 1950s. Published several imprints, see Barclay House, Brandon House, Essex House and Scorpio Books. Also operated Parliament News, one of the major porn distributors. The stylized “P” that appears on the spine of many pornographic paperbacks is an indication that the publisher used this distributor. Made several forays into mass-market publishing, using successively the imprints Canyon Books, Major Books and Carousel Books, none of which made any impact in the marketplace. See also Cameo Library, which may be a related publisher. See also the entry on Publishers Consultants, which appears to be a temporary successor. See also the later reprint series ASS, deLuxx Editions and TWN.

An imprint of Publisher’s Consultants, q.v.
AES-138 Gold, Bob Anal Astronaut 1981

Apparently the earliest imprint of what later became Collectors Publications Inc., q.v.
9512-N Diderot, Denis The Talking Jewels Sep 1965

Art Enterprises, Inc.
Published at 8511 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 46, CA (1961), then at Suite 316, 6912 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 28, CA (1962-1964). A busy early 60’s publisher, under a variety of imprints, including Boudoir, Epic Books, Headline Books, and Intimate Editions. They were not quite as prolific as they might seem, however, since they were constantly rebinding the books under new titles and re-releasing them, some as many as three times. Imprints used on these rebinds include Heart Volumes, Moonlight Readers and Ram Books. See also Nite-Time Books, which seems to have been shared with other publishers.

Published by American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v., Sun Valley, CA 91352.
ASS-136 Forbes, Alex Anal Planet Feb 1990

An imprint of Cameo Library, Inc., q.v., Box 788, Thousand Oaks, CA 91606. Apparently used for reprints.
BB-503 Mitchell, Linda Cursed! 1973

An imprint of American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. Used principally for non-fiction, some amount of fiction crept in occasionally.
7065 Von Lodz, Victor Orgy World 1969
7429 Sutton, Gayle The Girl, the Forked Tail, and the Cross 1974
7439 Anvic, Frank The Sex Savages 1974

Published by Barnaby Press Ltd. No address given in the one title seen. Series was profusely illustrated with color photographs.
BP110 Faber, Arthur Outerspace Sex Orgy 1970

The first modern mass-market size pornographic paperback publisher. Published initially by Beacon Publications Corp., later directly by the actual owner, Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp., q.v. Imprint changed in 1965 to Softcover Library, published by Softcover Library, Inc. Published from New York City throughout. Robert Guinn was allowed to use some of the numbers in this series for his later Galaxy Novels, most of which give Galaxy Publishing Corp. as the publisher, though several of those volumes give no publisher at all. One title (marked x below) is listed in the exclusions.
B105 Mundy, Talbot King of the Khyber Rifles n.d.
236 Stapledon, Olaf Odd John 1959
242 Jones, Raymond F. The Deviates 1959
256 Smith, George O. Troubled Star 1959
263 Garrett, Randall & Harris, Larry M. Pagan Passions 1959
270 Anderson, Poul Virgin Planet 1960
277 Farmer, Philip Jose Flesh 1960
284 Merwin, Sam, Jr. The Sex War 1960
291 Farmer, Philip Jose A Woman a Day 1960
298 Van Vogt, A. E. The Mating Cry 1960
x 305 Aldiss, Brian W. The Male Response 1961
312 Judd, Cyril Sin in Space 1961
B924X Camp, Lon The Experiment 1966
*   B986X Daniels, Mark The Drug 1966

Published by Aquarius 7 Publishers, at P.O. Box 3067, N. Hollywood, CA 91605. See also Sensation Publications.
BP-234 Jovita Sexual Drug Fantasies 1976

Published by Valiant Publications, Inc., at 200 West 34th St., NY, NY. One of several related imprints first published in 1959 and continuing as late as 1964. This series started at #951 and issued about 30 books.
979 Fairman, Paul W. Devil’s Virgin 1961

Published by Bee-Line Books, Inc., first (briefly) at 4102 Lee Rd., Cleveland 28, OH, then shifting to 145 East 52nd St., NY, NY (1966-1968), followed by 386 Park Ave. S., NY, NY (1969 to 1970), then at 116 E. 27th St., NY, NY 10016 (from 1970). In 1969 the mass-market imprint Pinnacle Books was initiated by this publisher. A new corporation, Carlyle Communications Inc., was formed in 1970 to publish both imprints; Pinnacle Books was sold to a conglomerate in 1973, leaving Carlyle to publish mostly porn, though they did briefly issue another mass-market imprint, Carlyle Books, in the late 1970s. The various sub-imprints generally indicate separately numbered sequences. Bee-line also co-published several of the Traveller’s Companion series, q.v. for details. See also Orpheus Books and Tigress Books.
118 Savage, Hardley Jetman Meets the Mad Madam 1966
133 Earle, Richard Forever Ember 1966
*   141 Earle, Richard & Johnson, Glenn From Here to Maternity 1966
145 Carnelle, Inge The Girl from B.U.S.T. 1966
194 Carnelle, Inge Joy Ride 1967
307N Key, David The S.E.X. Machine 1968
313-N Pendleton, Don Revolt! 1968
427-Z Coxe, Mr. The Oversexed Astronauts 1970
*   448-D Fuchs, Renaud Carnival of Sex 1970
      (by M. Coxe on cover)
(The original sequence jumped from 499 to 5000 rather than duplicate the ORPHEUS series numbers.)
BL5255 Evans, Derek The Spy with the Versatile Tool 1974
BL5500-R Mounds, Monica Outer Space Embrace 1978
BL5718 Kaye, Maggie Somewhere over the Orgy 1981
BB8012-V Cleve, John Unholy Revelry 1976
CC3176-R Lasser, Dustin Space Nymph 1978
CC3001-R Stephan, Peter Sex Trek 1974
DN6410-C Onn, Carrie Janet’s Sex Planet 1980
DN6410-C Tea, Traves Orgy in Orbit 1980
      (double volume)
LL0621-M Kahn, Obie Intergalactic Orgy 1983
OB 509 Holmes, Larry W. Evil Seed 1968
OB 514N Reynolds, Joseph Satan’s Disciple 1968
OB 518 N Walters, Eugene Love Witch 1968
      (as by Ian Green inside)
OB 562-Z Kanto, Peter Taste of Evil 1969
OB 569-Z Hunter, Alan The Story of “F” 1969
OB 585-K Kanto, Peter Unnatural Urges 1969
OB 603K Kanto, Peter Rosy Cheeks 1969
617-K Cleve, John Fruit of the Loin(s) 1970
655-T O’Farrell, Eddy The Ghost Came Twice 1970
677-T Reynolds, Joseph Operation: Sextrip 1970
713-T Offutt, Andrew J. The Great 24-Hour “Thing” 1971
764-T Cleve, John Pleasure Us! 1971
765-T Douglas, Jeff The Balling Machine 1971
OB 1017 Ged, Caer The Coming of Cormac 1974
OB1023T Bennett, Jeff Cosmic Rape 1974
OB 1033-T Cleve, John Manlib! 1974
OB1054-T Wyatt, Lee The Flesh Hunters 1974
OB 1061-R Evans, Derek Who Put the Devil in Miss Jones? 1974
OB 1063-T George, Edward Pleasure Planet 1974
OB1082 Cleve, John The Sexorcist 1974
OB1104-R Strong, Rod Orgy Twins 1974
OB1166-R Giles, Baxter The Pleasure Principle 1975

An imprint of Tiburon Publishing House Co., Inc., q.v.
736-T Blackmoor, Edmund The Satanic Orgy 1974

An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v. A series devoted entirely to bondage & torture fiction, each book profusely illustrated with explicit drawings. The art is unsigned but is almost certainly the work of Bill Ward, whose signed work was featured in a later series from Eros.
BB-127 Bedford, Clive Salome’s Slave 1975
BB-133 Bedford, Clive Mistress of Torment 1975
BB-139 Bedford, Clive The Spider’s Sex Slaves 1976

An imprint of Star Distributors, Ltd., q.v., used on bondage and torture fiction. Each volume has a multitude of explicit drawings, all credited to an artist named Dimulatto, though the signatures (and spellings) vary from book to book.
29 Sharpe, Vera Queen of Evil n.d.
70 Mordread, Halston Slaves of Mistress Salome 1979

Published at 9467 Mission Park Place, Santee, CA 92071. An offshoot of Blueboy, a well-known Gay men’s magazine. see also HIS69 and Numbers Illustrated Library.
80028 Hughes, Peter Tuesday The Eyes of the Basilisk 1977
80032 Hughes, Peter Tuesday The Daemon 1977
80078 Gronowski, Paul The Secret in the Argentine Jungle 1977
80080 Gronowski, Paul Doomsday Machinery 1977

Published in New York City.
BH-303 Wallace, Edward “69” Potion 1969

Published by Imperial Publishing Co., at 6912 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, CA. An affiliate of Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v., it published approximately 40 books in 1962-1963, one of their last non-reprint series.
1027 Jason, Jerry Sexodus! 1963

Later Brandon Books. The primary imprint of American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. There are several number sequences, indicating different cover prices.
60¢ series:
625 Bixby, Jerome Devil’s Scrapbook 1964
95¢ series:
1070 Geis, Richard E. The Sex Machine 1967
$1.25 series:
*   2030 de Monbron, Fougeret Amorous Adventures of Margot, The & The Scarlet Sofa 1967
2061 Geis, Richard E. The Endless Orgy 1968
$1.95 series:
*   6006 Seiffert, R. L. The Polluters 1968
6092 Cole, Stark The Love Makers 1969
6099 Kaye, H. R. Eros, 2000 A.D. 1970
*   6115 Cleve, John Jodinareh 1970
6126 Cleve, John Barbarana 1970
*   6134 Farmer, Philip José Love Song 1970
6218 Geis, Richard E. The Arena Women 1972
6258 Kyle, Geoffrey Project: Passion 1972
6304 Bassett, O. R. The Love Astrologer 1973
6326 Swenson, Peggy A Girl Possessed 1973
6370 York, Wesley Simon Lovers & Exorcists 1974
6374 Bixby, Jerome Call for an Exorcist 1974
6379 Anvic, Frank Bride of Satan 1974

An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc, q.v., devoted to a spy series that occasionally approaches, but never quite manages to be SF. One title is listed in the exclusions.

Published by Brentwood Publishing Co., at 1717 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA in 1964-65. Published no SF; one title listed in the exclusions.

Published by Diversey Periodicals, Inc., actually a division of Avon Books, used for reprints of authors like Jack Woodford, with spicier packaging. Published from various addresses in Chicago, apparently the printer’s address, rather than Avon’s usual editorial address in New York City. One of several digest-size saddle-stapled series issued by this publisher in the 1940’s.
4 Prince, Don Tom’s Temptations 1949

Published by CAD Publishing Co., at New York, NY. Published no SF; one title listed in the exclusions.

Published by Calga Publishers, Inc., at 5585 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019. May have been related to Pendulum Books, q.v. Rewritten versions of old classics, justified by the supposition that the original authors would have written more sexually explicit books if they had not lived in such repressive times. Some of the early volumes give an impressive list of forthcoming titles, only about half of which are known to have appeared.
CP801 Stacy, Terry The Adult Version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 1970
CP802 Kantor, Hal The Adult Version of Frankenstein 1970
CP808 anonymous The Adult Version of Dracula 1970
CP-809 anonymous The Sex Life of Ulysses 1971
CP-810 anonymous The Sex Life of Hercules 1971

Published by N.P., Inc. No address given. See also Master Classics and Mayfair House.
334 Day, Larry Magic Fingers n.d.

Published by Cameo Library, at 6340 Coldwater Canyon Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91606. Several other imprints were used on reprint series; see Barbizon Books and Copenhagen Compacts. This publisher also issued a mass-market imprint in 1970, Leisure Books, which was sold to Belmont-Tower after only a year. Although they have a different publication address, this series Is advertised in detail in the back of some Brandon House books, which may indicate a connection to American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v.
8067 Amber, Gracie Always Hard! 1970

An imprint of Corinth Publications, Inc., q.v. Issued 148 books, starting at 901.
CA901 Allison, Clyde The Sin Funnel 1967
*   CA940 Bellmore, Don Sin Seance 1968
CA981 Stanley, Mitch God’s Little Orgy 1969
CA1030 Pygaster, Cal I. Zero Gravity Swap 1970

Published by Frimac Publications, at 10539 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA. Understood to have been published by Charles Fritch and Jack Matcha, both occassional SF writers. Ran from 1962 to 1964, issuing approximately 25 titles. Fritch and Matcha also published the SF magazine Gamma from 1963 to 1965 from the same address. See also Private Editions.
521 Kahler, Jack Latex Lady 1964

Published by Orchid Publishing Co., Inc., at Wilmington, DE, apparently the same as Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v. All books seen were reprinted from other Eros imprints. This is the first of their imprints not to be distributed by Parliament News, and would seem to an attempt to broaden their distribution beyond the “adult” bookstores. For a later, more successful attempt, see Hustler Papaerbacks.
CB 209 Banks, Ramond E. Ultimate Transform 1978
CB213 Rimmer, A. J. Star Whores 1978
CB 218 Banks, Raymond E. Daryk 1978

A Gay publication. A thin saddle-stapled pamphlet with no cover illustration.
*   un anonymous Hercules and the Centaur 1970

Started in 1959 and ran to at least 1962. Never gave any address. One of the more prolific publishers of this period, issuing over 100 books.
123 Long, Frank Belknap Woman from Another Planet 1960
128 Wells, H. G. The Invisible Man (1960)
150 Barr, Tyrone C. The Last 14 1960
162 Long, Frank Belknap (The) Mating Center 1961

Published from Los Angeles, CA 90007. The abreviations presumably have meaning but sub-imprints are seldom given on the books.
CP 532 Young, Red Sex Life of the Immortals 1969
NT 867 Davis, Gyle Sex ’99 1968
      (as by J. L. Kullinger inside)
SAL 416 Daniels, Gil 1999 Sex Erotics 1970

Published at 14923 Proctor Ave, Industry, CA 91744. Many of the books from this publisher were pirated editions; it is possible that the “originals” are also pirated and I just don’t recognize them. Issued with plain covers, in imitation of Olympia Press. See also APS.
21256 Homer & Associates A Bedside Odyssey Nov 1968
21258 anonymous The Orgy Puppets Nov 1968
21272 Diderot, Denis The Talking Pussy 1968
21290 anonymous Cave Man Sex Feb 1969

An imprint of Phenix Publishers, Ltd., q.v., later published directly by Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v. Started with # 501, published 267 books.
CB630 Carlin, Gage Psychic Swap Slave 1969
*   CB652 Moton, Andre S.W.A.P. 1970
CB683 Smythe, R. John Doctor Swapus 1970
CB690 Evans, Grant Swapping with Satan 1970
CB702 Wilhelm, Lambert Starship Intercourse 1971

Published by Danish Compact Books Ltd. No address given. Gives the impression that it is a foreign publisher but is clearly a reprint series from the publishers of Cameo Library, q.v.
D-610 Mitchell, Linda A Witch’s Mouth 1974

Corinth Publications, Inc.
One of several subsidiaries or affiliates of Greenleaf Classics, q.v. For imprints published under this corporate name see Candid Readers, Evening Readers, Idle Hour Books, Leisure Books and Nightstand Books.

Published by Corsair Publications, at 2075 East 65th St., Cleveland, OH.
*   214 Gordon, Davis W. Swastika Sex Cult 1968

An imprint of Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v.
DL109 Dexter, John Swap Around the Ouija 1971

An imprint of Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v. Started at # 801 and issued about 50 books.
GD809 Russell, Don The Ultimate Lust 1970
GD813 Smythe, R. John The Coming of Morikand 1970
GD825 Ravis, Day One in Every Box 1970
GD828 Best, Harry The Lid Comes Off 1970

Published at P.O. Box 3959, N. Hollywood, CA 91605. A reprint series; later volumes were published by American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v., and give the complete publishing histories of the books being reprinted. The originals seem to be a mix of Brandon House, q.v., and Publishers Consultants, q.v., with some titles that had been published by both companies over the years. This seems to be evidence that Publishers Consultants was only another branch of American Art Enterprises, whose main imprints seem to have faded away about the time that Publishers Consultants imprints first appeared.
XE-982 Michaels, Carl The Visions of Vivian 1984

see Novel Books.

Published by Dominion Publishing Co., at P.O. Box 3910, N. Hollywood, CA 91609.
TNC 218 Winslow, Arthur Aphrodisia 1969

An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v. All books were double volumes. The other half of this one is not SF.
DN 107 Bellmore, Cynthia Space Lust 1978

Published by E.L. Publishing Co., Inc., at New York, NY. See also Liason which may be a related imprint.
L-21 Raymond, Ben The Miracle of the Foomtra n.d.

Published no SF, one book is listed in the exclusions. No publisher or address was given in that volume, but the ads in the back make it clear that this in an imprint of Greenleaf Classics, q.v.

An imprint of Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v. The series started at # 301 and published 96 titles.
EL 301 Allison, Clyde Our Man from Sadisto 1965
EL 303 Hudson, Dean Nightmare Clinic 1965
EL 305 Allison, Clyde Our Girl from Mephisto 1965
EL 309 Allison, Clyde Nautipuss 1965
EL 321 Allison, Clyde Gamefinger 1966
EL 323 Dexter, John Garden of Shame 1966
EL 325 Allison, Clyde Sadisto Royale 1966
EL 329 Allison, Clyde For Your Sighs Only 1966
EL 333 Allison, Clyde The Lost Bomb 1966
EL365 Allison, Clyde The Ice Maiden 1967

One of the primary imprints of Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. Issued 40+ titles from March 1961 to late 1962.
103 Smith, George H. 1976...The Year of Terror Mar 1961
144 Camra, Ross Assault! 1962

Eros Publishing Co., Inc.
Published at Wilmington, DE. Often referred to as Eros Goldstripe. One of the more prolific of the later porn publishers. Started in the early 1970s and published a multitude of specialized imprints; see Bizarre Books, Brandy French, Dual Novels, Goldstripe Fiction Series, Goldstripe Gay Series, Spicy Readers, Traveler’s Tales and Trident Books. All the early imprints were distributed by Parliament News. In 1978 they reissued several books under a new imprint Castle Books, through a different distributor, apparently an attempt to get wider circulation and break out of the adult bookstores. This attempt was abortive, but in 1979 an agreement was made with Flynt Distributing to issue a line of porn novels called Hustler Paperbacks, q.v., which was more succeessful. That arrangement was terminated in 1981, and they returned to issuing books under their original name; see Hotline Books and Transsexual Library.

An imprint of American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. Their most pretentious series, the books featured surrealistic covers and many contained afterwords by prominent authors explaining the book’s literary significance. The series editor was Brian Kirby, later an editor at the Los Angeles Free Press. After this imprint was folded some of the unpublished books were released by Brandon House, q.v.
0108 Farmer, Philip José The Image of the Beast 1968
0112 Stine, Hank Season of the Witch 1968
0117 Meltzer, David Lovely 1969
0120 McNaughton, Charles, Jr. Mindblower 1969
0121 Farmer, Philip José A Feast Unknown 1969
0122 Meltzer, David Healer 1969
0124 Gallion, Jane Biker 1969
0125 Perkins, Michael Terminus 1969
0129 Meltzer, David Out 1969
*   0131 Lamont, Gil Roach 1969
*   0133 Ramirez, Alice Louise The Geek 1969
0134 Meltzer, David Glue Factory 1969
0136 Geis, Richard E. Raw Meat 1969
0139 Farmer, Philip José Blown 1969

Europa Books, Ltd., no address given. A short-lived early 60’s publisher; only about a half-dozen books are known. Published no SF; one book is listed in the exclusions.

Published by Corinth Publications, q.v. Published 64 books, starting with #1201.
ER 1234 Williams, J. X. Devil’s Degradation 1966

Published at 425 Pennsylvania Ave, San Diego, CA.
W-11 Morgan, Helene Seed of the Beast 1965

An imprint of Publisher’s Consultants, q.v.
FAM 136 Keegan, Roger The Family Curse 1978

Published by Echelon Book Publishers, Inc., at 1805 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. See also Impact Library.
*   FB-103 David, Jack Come Slow...Devlin! 1967
      (as Come Slo, Devlin by Jack Flanner inside)

Published by International Publications, Inc., at 8340 Melrose Ave., Hollywood 69, CA. Published approximately 70 books in 1962-1963. Many of the books featured fold-out covers.
F14 Ross, Olin Lust Planet 1962
      (as by Ross Olin inside)
F50 Deer, M. J. A Place Named Hell 1963
F61 Knerr, Mike Autosex 1963
F66 Deer, M. J. Flames of Desire 1963
      (as by M. D. Deer inside)

A Gay series published at P.O. Box 2386, San Rafael, CA. Published no SF; one title is listed in the exclusions.


An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
GFS-112 Thomas, Evan Dead Hard 1973

A Gay imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
*   GGS-106 Yuma, Gary Flesh Probe 1973

One of the major porn publishers, started in 1959 by ex-SF fan and writer William Lawrence Hamling. His Greenleaf Publishing Company already published a men’s magazine, Rogue, and had published two SF magazines, Imagination and Imaginative Tales, both of which folded in 1958. Ex-fan Earl Kemp was Editorial Director for several years. Both Hamling and Kemp spent time in prison for publishing an illustrated edition of the Presidential Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography. The early volumes gave no addresses, but were published in Illinois. Addresses started to be indicated regularly after the company moved to California in 1965. At that time corporate publishing companies also were listed for the first time; see Corinth Publications, Inc. and Phenix Publishers, Ltd. for listings of the imprints issued by each. From 1961 to 1963 Hamling published a mass-market imprint, Regency Books, the majority of which were written by SF writers, though only a few were actually SF. Greenleaf Classics itself, as both an imprint and a corporate name began to be used in 1965, and gradually established itself as the principal name for the firm. Imprints issued directly by Greenleaf Classics, Inc. include Adult Books, Companion Books, Danish Library, Darkroom Books, Ember Library, Pillar Books and Pleasure Readers. see also Ember Books. The books covered by this index were published at 5839 Mission Gorge Rd., San Diego, CA 92120 (to 1967), then at 3511 Camino Del Rio S., San Diego, CA 92120 (from 1968).
GC205 Wood, Edward D., Jr. Orgy of the Dead 1966
GC206 Nuetzel, Charles Queen of Blood 1966
GC218 Kalnen, Ray The Love Box 1967
GC266 Homer & Associates A Bedside Odyssey 1967
*   GC319 Wagner, Geoffrey Axel 1968
GC352 Hughes, Peter Tuesday The Other Party 1968
GC367 Malcolm, Ed Tele-Sex 1968
GC375 Roxbury, Kyle The Golden Girl of Hockeinbeck 1969
GC383 Pendleton, Don The Olympians 1969
GC393 Linder, D. Barry Libido 23 1969
GP series. A photo-illustrated series; these two, at least, are digest size.
GP523 Nylan, Tod The Incredible Peeping Tom 1969
GP529 Wyman, Karl The Magic Bottle 1969
GK series, volumes indicated as “number x of 50.” Succeeded by the NK series after the 50th title. Most volumes have a die-cut cover with a keyhole design, the GK designation is thus believed to have stood for Greenleaf Key.
*   GK3650 Arthur, William Heroneous in 69 1970
GK4850 Lorenzo, Derek Motherlover 1970
NK series. Succeeded the GK series; these volumes also indicated as “number x of 50.” Abbreviation assumed to stand for New Key.
NK950 anonymous The Sins of Sister Angela 1970
PC series, significance unknown.
PC1043 Miller, Russ The Impossible Transplant 1972
PC1046 Pendleton, Don The Olympians 1972
PC1068 Power, Catherine Spell of Madness 1972
GL series. An unusual digest-size Gay series. What appears at first glance to be a back-cover blurb is actually the opening page of the text, which continues from the cover to the inside cover. There is no title page, only a small copyright notice at the bottom of page 2. The back-cover is upside-down from the rest of the book, and when turned right-side up appears to be the front cover. These are all extremely rare.
GL126 Vanden, Dirk Twin Orbs 1969
GL134 Wells, O. R. All-Stud 1969
GL148 Lambert, William J., III Five Roads to Tlen 1970
GL153 Lambert, William J., III Demon’s Stalk 1970
GL155 Roman, Chet The Gay Ghouls 1970

Published by World News, Inc., at 8511 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. The earliest known imprint of the company most often identified as Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v.
105 Sellers, Connie Red Rape! 1960

An imprint used on rebound copies of books published by Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. The original title pages were removed and a new copyright notice inserted.
HV 105 Warren, Roy Space Sex n.d.

Published by Surree Ltd Inc., at 9465 Mission Park Place, Santee, CA 92071. A publisher of Gay fiction, apparently an affililate of Blueboy Library, q.v.
HIS69253 McBride, Scott Devil’s Phallus 1978

Published by Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v. The most immediate successor to Hustler Paperbacks, q.v., it may have used inventory left over from that imprint.
HB-114 Harper, Harry Haunted House Hustlers 1982

Published by World-Wide Publishing Co., Inc., at 16055 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91436 (to January 1981), thereafter at 9172 Eton Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311. Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, acted only as distributer for these books. The actual publisher seems to have been Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v., in which case the addresses given are probably the distributors’. This was Eros’s second attempt to break out of the adult bookstores, see Castle Books, and this time they succeeded in getting widespread newsstand distribution. The distribution agreement with Hustler seems to have dissolved in Sep 1981; at which time their distribution reverted to the adult bookstores. The name continued to be used for a brief time, but was dropped completely early in 1982. Several of the early titles were reprints from previous Eros imprints.
10-101 Rimmer, A. J. Space Whores 1979
10-115 Banks, Ramond E. The Moonrapers 1980
10-120 Kotch, Thomas Possessed! 1980
10-132 Kelly, Shane The Hidden City 1980
10-135 Burch, Ralph Duplicate Lovers 1980
10-145 Mann, Del Sands of Desire 1980
10-147 Fleming, Nigel To Love a Vampire 1980
10-148 Anderson, Betty Isle of Illusion 1980
10-152 Pascal, Jacques Virgin’s Sacrifice 1980
10-160 Kaye, Merlin Rape of the Red Witch 1980
10-183 Kaye, Merlin Penetrators of Time 1980
10-183 Banks, Raymond E. The Savage Princess 1980
      (double volume)
10-190 Koman, Victor Starship Women 1980
10-197 Victor, Steve When the Aliens Come Jan 1981
10-216 Victor, Steve Sin & Sorcery Mar 1981
10-218 Scott, Sandra Mystic Passions Mar 1981
10-238 Pascal, Jacques Future Sex May 1981
10-241 Scott, Sandra From Dust to Lust Jun 1981
10-258 Crane, Martin Sex Slaves Aug 1981
10-259 Little, Jerry Hot Black Hole Sep 1981
10-289 Scott, Samantha Space Slaves Feb 1982

An imprint of Corinth Publications, Inc., q.v. Issued 124 books, starting at #401.
IH516 Hudson, Dean Dreamlover 1966

Published by Echelon Book Publishers, Inc., at 5525 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. See also Flame Books.
IL-533 Ception, John V. Earth Sex in the 21st Century 1970

An imprint of Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. Published no SF; one book is listed in the exclusions.

Published by Onsco Publications, at 7472 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 46, CA. A very short-lived publisher, they only produced 14 books, all in 1963. Some volumes in the Nite-Time Books series were also issued under this corporate name.
211 O’Neill, Scott Martian Sexpot 1963

Published at 39 Orchard St., Manhassett, NY. A major early 60s porn publisher. Issued about 100 books from 1960 to 1963, starting with #88.
K 136 Lewis, Pete Father of the Amazons 1961
      (as by Peter J. Crown inside)

An imprint of Publisher’s Consultants, q.v.
LCP-128 Stone, Malcomb The Visions of Vivian 1979

An imprint of Phenix Publishers, Ltd., q.v. Published 144 books, starting with #701.
LL763 Holliday, Don Blow the Man Down 1968
LL831 Martin, Reed Beginner’s Lust 1969
LL843 Smythe, R. John The Conception 1969

An imprint of Corinth Publications, Inc., q.v. Started with #1101 and published 120 books.
LB 1106 Dexter, John The Sinners of Hwang 1965
LB1140 Allison, Clyde 0008 Meets Gnatman 1966
*   LB1156 Hudson, Dean The Sexpert 1966
LB1159 Allison, Clyde The Merciless Mermaids 1966
LB1169 Allison, Clyde 0008 Meets Modesta Blaze 1966
LB1174 Allison, Clyde The Sex-Ray 1966
LB1175 Dexter, John Carnaby Consort 1966
*   LB1206 James, Jordan Witch in Heat 1967
      (by J. X. Williams inside)
*   LB1207 Lynn, David Zardoc, Warrior Stud 1967
LB1218 Williams, J. X. Her 1967

Publication data lacking in this volume. Data in numbers L8 and L10 give the publisher as Liason Publications, Ltd., Boston, MA. May be related to E.L. Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
L9 Peabody, E. S. Medium Raw (1969)

Published by Tiburon House Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
349 Mellows, Suzanne The Sex-Ray 1973

Published by N.P., Inc. No address given. See also Cameo and Mayfair House.
6002 anonymous The Bewitched 1969

No publication data given. Published no SF; one title is listed in the exclusions.

Published by N.P., Inc. No address given. See also Cameo and Master Classics.
1050 Day, Larry Magic Fingers 1970

Published by Camerarts Publishing Co. Inc., first at 3755 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago 47, IL, later at 2715 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago 39, IL. There were several number sequences, indicating different prices. The books were marketed as “tough” novels for “real” men. See also Novel Books, a companion series. This publisher also issued a very short lived mass-market imprint, Three Star Books, in 1965, after which the company seems to have folded.
35¢ series:
352 Bottari, George L. Untamed Passion Mar 1960
50¢ series:
503 Paul, Auren The Love Machine Jun 1960
534 Goff, Jerry M., Jr. Everything--But Love! Sep 1961
538 Goff, Jerry M., Jr. An Eye for Lust Oct 1961
60¢ series:
656 Paul, Auren Fantastic Orgy n.d.
new 60¢ series:
6M417 Goff, Jerry M., Jr. Fantastic Seducer n.d.
6M429 Goff, Jerry M., Jr. Overpowering Desire n.d.
6M446 Steiger, Brad Bizarre Honeymoon 1964

Published by Midwood Enterprises, Inc., at 185 Madison Ave, NY, NY 10016. The 1980 book was published at 2 Park Ave., NY, NY 10016. Started in 1959 as an imprint of Tower Publications, Inc. Tower Books was eventually started as a mass-market imprint and the two series were inter-numbered for many years. The first book listed was from the internumbered series. In 1970 they adopted multiple numbering sequences, separated by price, and the two imprints ceased to be internumbered. In the M series below, the prefix indicates the price. After a short time under that system, Midwood went back to a unified number sequence. Tower bought Belmont Books in 1972 and merged the two mass-market imprints as Belmont/Tower. For as late as I can track it Midwood Books were published from the same addresses as Belmont Books and would appear to have retained the same ownership.
37-333 Cross, Adrian Lay the Devil 1969
M-125-27 DuBreuil, Linda Pandora Descending Jan 1970
M-125-41 Shaw, George Astrosex Mar 1970
M-125-74 Shaw, George Bang! Aug 1970
M-125-75 Jay, Eric The Mating Aug 1970
M-125-91 DuBreuil, Linda Soul Touch Dec 1970
M-175-29 Cleve, John The Juice of Love Aug 1970
M-195-5 DuBreuil, Linda Gettin’ It Together Jul 1970
M-195-21 Trehune, Morgana Erotica Satanica Oct 1970
      (as by Morgan Trehune inside)
M-195-29 Cleve, John The Devoured Dec 1970
60326 Ramdaggar, Geoffrey Sexualis 1984 1973
      (as by Goeffrey Ramdagger on cover)
60335 Reeve, Frank D. 5 Finger Exercise 1973
60433 Hytes, Jason Her Magic Spell 1974
60443 Flowers, T. J. Moonglow 1974
60497 Cleve, John The Juice of Love 1975
60498 Jay, Eric The Mating (1975)
60647 Scott, Michael Gay Exorcist 1976
*   60771 Hytes, Jason Erika’s Magic Touch 1976
*   60781 Drake, Bud Dark Horse Stud 1976
*   61445 Hytes, Jason Erica’s Magic Touch 1980

An imprint used on rebound copies of books published by Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v. The original title pages were removed and an identical copyright notice printed on the inside of the front cover.
MR 103 anonymous The Year for Love n.d.

Published by Publishers Export Co, Inc., at 6055 Fairmont Ave., San Diego, CA 92120. See also PEC.
185 Piper, Walter Space Swap 1984-8612 1970

No publication data given. Published no SF; one title is listed in the exclusions.

An imprint of Corinth Publications, Inc., q.v. Started in 1959, this was the earliest and longest running of William Hamling’s pornographic imprints. Started with #1501 and ran to #2000.
NB1772 Shaw, Andrew Sin Seer 1966
NB1808 Hudson, Dean The Robot Lovers 1966
NB1823 Calvano, Tony Dante’s Sinferno 1967
NB1883 Cross, Gene Nude in Orbit 1968
NB1889 Kalnen, Ray The Day the Universe Came 1968
NB1910 Lynn, David Cybro Sex 1968
NB1922 Brown, L. J. Satan’s Daughter 1969
*   NB1933 Best, Harry She-Satan 1969
*   NB1954 Darrow, Borden Lust-Liquor 1969
NB1972 Smythe, R. John The Naked Phantom 1970

The first two were published by Tempo Publishing Corp. (related to Art Enterprises Inc., q.v), at 6912 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, CA. The last two were published by PEC Publications, q.v., at Box 3223, El Cajon, CA. Other titles have been seen that were published by Onsco Publications, see Jade Books. It is not known whether this was a “shared’ imprint of some sort or whether these variations are an indication of a consolidation among the early 60s publishers. Numbers known run from 89 to 122, but may be discontinuous in the middle.
94 Bernsohn, Al The Fabulous Sex Weed 1964
96 Stopeck, Philip Promiscous Philbert 1964
*   114 Harmon, Jim Sex Burns Like Fire 1964
116 Taylor, Ann Door of Desire 1964

Published by Novel Books, Inc., at 2715 N. Pulaski Ave, Chicago 39, IL. Started in January 1960 as a companion series to Merit Books, q.v. There were several number sequences, separated by price. Several other imprints were used on the later books, but all the imprints were internumbered.
60¢ series:
6081 Sellers, Con F.S.C. 1963
75¢ series:
7N787 Plyler, Don M. The New Slave Masters 1965
      (1/2 of double)
7N 796 Fenwick, Virginia M. America: R.I.P. 1965
      (1/2 of double)
new 60¢ series:
6N296 Conrad, Nancy & Bonnie Helpless Women 1965
      (1/2 of double)

Published by Blueboy Library, q.v., at 185 N.E. 166th St., Miami, FL 33162. A Gay series.
NIL116 Hughes, Peter Tuesday The Daemon 1978

Founded in Paris in 1953 by Maurice Girodias. Published many avante-garde erotic classics by William Burroughs and others. Moved to U.S. in 1967, publishing first at 222 W. 23rd St., NY, NY 10011. Later books published at 36 Gramercy Park, NY, NY 10003 (1968), then at 67-69 Irving Place, NY, NY 10003 (1968 to 1970), and finally at 220 Park Ave. S., NY, NY 10003 (1971 to 1972). Published mostly paperbacks, the majority under the imprints Ophelia Press, q.v. and Traveller’s Companion, q.v. Attempted a mass-market imprint, Freeway Press, in 1973 but it folded after a year and Girodias went back to France. See also Party Books. An excellent history and bibliography of this publisher was prepared by Patrick J. Kearney.
OPS-13 Kainen, Ray Satyr Trek 1970
*   OPS-14 Harris, Merril Dirty Alice 1970
OPS-15 Martin, Ed Busy Bodies 1970
OPS-24 Flinders, Karl The Love Machinery 1971
OPS-35 Forest, Salambo Witch Power 1971
OPS-42 Auden, Renee High Thrust 1971
OPS-55 Kainen, Ray A Sea of Thighs 1971

Published by B.B. Sales Co., at P.O. Box 785, Radio City Station, NY, NY 10019. A series of porno movie novelizations, profusely illustrated with stills from the movies.
*   F-111 Meiter, Walter The Deadly Organ 1968

Published by The Ophelia Press Inc., an affiliate of Olympia Press, q.v. Revival of one of the Parisian imprints, used in those days for the less literary works. Numbers ran from 101 to 267.
OPH-112 Van Heller, Marcus The Ring 1968
OPH-123 Kanto, Peter World Where Sex Was Born (1968)
OPH-132 Grimm, Benjamin Conception of the Beast 1968
OPH-134 Macauley, Douglas A Certain Greek Tycoon 1969
OPH-154 Forest, Salambo The Enormous Experience 1969
OPH-162 Forest, Salambo Night of the Wolf 1969
OPH-169 Singer, Norman The Man Who Raped San Francisco 1969
OPH-175 Mason, David Devil’s Food 1969
OPH-180 Digby, Lee Come Again 1969
OPH-188 Forest, Salambo On My Throbbing Engine 1970
OPH-198 Forest, Salambo Pan on a Rampage 1970
OPH-206 Kane, Pablo A Dick for All Seasons 1970
OPH-207 Drake, Morgan A Flutter of Lashes 1970
OPH-216 Platt, Charles The Gas 1970
OPH-226 Tarr, Michael New School for Sex 1971
OPH-239 Moore, Robert Madam Sex Thief 1971
OPH-245 Van Heller, Marcus The Ring 1971
OPH-260 Platt, Charles The Power and the Pain 1971
OPH-261 Haubold, Hero Golden Balls 1971
OPH-262 Forest, Salambo For the Witch, a Stone 1971
OPH-265 Cohen, Genghis The Erotic Spectacles 1971

An imprint of Carlyle Communications, Inc., New York, NY. See Bee-Line books.
BB8017-V Arrow, Jay The Occult Coxsman 1976


No publisher or address given.
523 Reeves, James Sex Teacher 2000 A.D. 1972

Published at Aqoura, CA.
PL-576 Hall, Ken Flesh or Fantasy 1967

No title page or indicia. It is apparent from the physical size of this book that it is a rebind. The ads in the back are identical to those in WIP Book 139, which suggests that the original edition was probably issued in that series also. Illustrated with black and white drawings. See Star Distributors for a list of related imprints.
106 anonymous The Demonic Whip Master n.d.

No publication data given. The mail-order address in the back of the books is in San Francisco. Issued at least four separately numbered series; the 200 series were all Gay novels.
P228 Farout, Billy Man, It Must Be Heaven 1972
P230 Wilhelm, Lambert Too Beautiful (1972)
P243 Lambert, William J., III Male Sex Idol 1972
P502 Oswald, Dave The Only Way to Go 1972

Published by Star Distributors, Ltd., q.v..
PSP-10 Bromus, Angela Cindy’s Possessed Pussy 1978

Published by The Traveller’s Companion Inc., q.v., an affiliate of Olympia Press, q.v. Only issued about a dozen books.
TCP-012 Smith, Russell Loaded for Bare 1972

The main imprint of Publishers Export Co, Inc., published first at P.O. Box 20127, San Diego, CA 92120 (to 1968), then at P.O. Box 965, El Cajon, CA 92020 (from 1969). See also Narcissus, Pompeii Press, Rapture and Series 70. PEC also issued some of the Nite-Time Books, q.v. for further comments.
G1117 Kahler, Jack Rubber Dolly 1966
G-1130 Flair, Tiffany Psychic Passion 1968
G-1164 Weldon, Rex Time Swap 1969

The first title listed was published at 123 Simpson St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, the later volumes at 267 Marietta St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. One book gives 5585 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019, which may indicate a relationship to Calga, q.v.; it may be only a distribution address. Books were issued in a variety of numbered sequences, whose rationales are still not understood.
*   054 Long, Peter The Demi-Wang 1968
1-149 Sellers, Leonard Confessions of Horny Demon 1969
0-168 Damon, Steve & Smith. Montague The Incredible World of Harold Huge 1970
0-184 Bradley, George The Devil’s Tool 1970
*   0-444 Longo, Chris Succubus Up 1970
6922 Gustave, Olga The Devil You Lay 1970
6930 Quinn, Joaquin Massage my Medium 1970
6932 Gustave, Olga Amazon Lunch 1970

Published by Peyote Press Ltd., at 54 W. 21st St., NY, NY 10010. A short-lived series of books, issued in plain red covers.
501 DuBomb, Bonée Planet of Sex and Orgies 1969
504 Manzoni, Violet The Sexual Adventures of Attis 1969
510 Cum, Sid Open Fly 1969

Phenix Publishers, Ltd.
One of several subsidiaries or affiliates of Greenleaf Classics, q.v. For imprints published under this corporate name see Companion Books, Late Hour Library and Pleasure Readers.

Published by Central Sales Ltd., at Baltimore, MD.
101 Peck, Vernon Super Sex Captain 1969

Published by Pike Publications, at 14558 Valerio St., Van Nuys, CA. A short-lived early 60s publisher, apparently edited and/or published by Robert Pike. Published only 20+ books starting with #101 and jumping from 102 to 203. The books in the 800 series are all rebound copies of books from the original series.
101 Rivere, Alec Lost City of the Damned Sep 1961
203 Smith, George H. The Coming of the Rats Nov 1961
801 Rivere, Alec Nymphos Be Damned n.d.
802 Smith, George H. Virgin Mistress n.d.

An imprint of Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v. Published no SF; one book is listed in the exclusions.

Published at 432 Park Avenue S., NY, NY 10016. The copyright in the earliest title listed seems to suggest a link to the mass-market publisher, Manor Books.
*   40102 Horton, Honey The Sexorcist 1976
40181 Sabrina Love Witch 1977
40378 Tobias, Sarah Starship Stud 1979
40394 Taylor, Sharon Pleasure Planet 1979
      (as by Starr Trainor inside)
40395 Taylor, Sharon Future Sex 1979
      (as by Sandy Trainor inside)
40482 Terrific, Ted Star Whores 1979
60130 Martine Dance of Love 1979
60130 Sabrina Witch Bitch 1979
      (double volume)

Published by Phenix Publishers, Ltd., q.v., later directly by Greenleaf Classics, Inc., q.v. Book numbers ran from 101 to 396. In 1969 this series became exclusively Gay fiction.
*   PR157 Lynn, David Lust in Sodom 1968
PR172 Williams, J. X. The Sex Pill (1968)
*   PR180 Bellmore, Don By Lust Possessed 1968
PR209 Raffi, Sam Lust Potion 69 1969
PR225 Townsend, Larry 2069 1969
PR233 Falkon, Felix Lance Hung in Space 1969
PR237 Leatherwood, Hank Startail 1969
PR251 Townsend, Larry Mickey’s One 1970
PR261 Townsend, Larry Jovencachoteca 1970
PR275 Townsend, Larry 2069 + 1 1970
PR277 Townsend, Larry 2069 + 2 1970
PR307 Townsend, Larry Beware the God Who Smiles 1971
PR310 Lambert, William J., III Demon’s Coronation 1971
PR330 Hughes, Peter Tuesday Remake 1971
PR335 Lambert, William J. Valley of the Damned 1971
PR363 Hughes, Peter Tuesday Alien 1972

An imprint of Publishers Export Co., Inc., see PEC. This was their specialized bondage and torture imprint.
PP 7040 Dangerfield, Paul Island of the Voodoo Dolls 1969

Published at P.O. Box 2386, San Rafael, CA.
104 Hawkins, Bruce A. Jupiter’s Passion 1970

Published at 10539 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA. Apparently a companion imprint to Carousel Books, q.v. Published no SF; one book is listed in the exclusions.

Publisher's Consultants
A prolific porn publisher in the late 70s and early 80’s. Published first at P.O. Box 849, Chatsworth, CA 91311 (1976), later at P.O. Box 486, S. Laguna, CA 92677 (1979-1981). Issued books under a multitude of imprints, including Anal Erotic Series, Family Series Books, Lancaster Press, Raunchy Readers, Red Devil Books and Stratford Library. In the late 80’s American Art Enterprises issued a large number of reprints which contained detailed listings of the prior printings. Many of them noted one or more printings by Publisher’s Consultants. Since Publisher’s Consultants first appeared just after the last Brandon House titles, it is probable that this represents the point at which Milton Luros lost control of the business. For further comments, see deLuxx Editions.

An imprint used on rebound copies of books published by Art Enterprises, Inc, q.v.
RB 104 anonymous Sex Machine n.d.

An imprint of Publishers Export Co., Inc., see PEC.
206 Elliott, Dan Sex Machine n.d.

An imprint of Publisher’s Consultants, q.v.
RY-161 Rose, Ed The Balling Machine 1981

An imprint of Tiburon House Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
105 James, Gunthar The Witch’s Spell 1969

An imprint of Publisher’s Consultants, q.v. While the name might suggest that it is a specialized occult imprint, only two of its books have been seen, and only one of those was SF. More data is needed.
105 Lanton, Earl The Wanton Witch 1977


Published by Sunset Enterprises, 1560 H Street, Fresno, CA 93721. Produced a number of long-Lived porn imprints; this seems to be their only SF title. Did a line of mass-market SF novels under the VEGA BOOKS imprint.
SA-191 Knight, Randy Tomorrow Has Arrived 1970

Published by Foremost Publishers, at 65 Cadillac Square, Detroit, MI. An early imprint devoted exclusively to S&M. Features a relatively garish packaging.
123 Gardner, Ken Fetish Farm 1966

Published by Star Distributors, Ltd., q.v.. The entire imprint was devoted to novels with occult themes, some of them imitations of contemporary best-sellers. As is to be expected with this publisher, there is a tendency to sadism and torture in most titles. They were released in five groups of four each and all featured striking covers with red backgrounds.
SL-101 Jervis, Tabatha Satan’s Mistress 1977
*   SL-102 Parker, Jennifer Daughters of Lucifer 1977
SL-103 Lawson, Sybil The Possession of Tamara 1977
SL-104 Marr, Melissa Orphans of the Devil 1977
SL-105 anonymous Begotten of the Devil 1978
SL-106 anonymous The Devil’s Torture 1978
SL-107 anonymous Her Master was Satan (1978)
SL-108 anonymous Lilith’s Daughter (1978)
SL-109 anonymous Devil’s Incest Daughter 1979
*   SL-110 anonymous Schooled by the Devil 1979
SL-111 anonymous Princess of Darkness 1979
SL-112 anonymous Beloved of Satan 1979
SL-113 anonymous Hell’s Bitch 1979
SL-114 anonymous Lucifer’s Altar Girl 1979
SL-115 anonymous Demon Bitch’s Punishment 1979
SL-116 anonymous Satanic Virgin 1979
*   SL-117 anonymous Devil’s Hand Maiden 1979
SL-118 anonymous Devil’s Sex Slaves 1979
SL-119 anonymous Raped by the Devil 1979
SL-120 anonymous Spread for Satan 1979

Published at 7311 Fulton St., N. Hollywood, CA 91605. A short-lived imprint of American Art Enterprises, Inc., q.v.
3505 James, Dolan Space Swappers 1970

Published by N.A.C. Publications, no address given. It is understood that Charles Nuetzel was the publisher. Only eight titles are known, all published in 1964 and all apparently written by Nuetzel under different pseudonyms. HIs father Albert Nuetzell did all the covers.
104 English, Charles Lovers: 2075 Jul 1964


Published by Aquarius 7 Publishers, at PO Box 3067, N. Hollywood, CA 91605. See also Bedroom Publications.
SP-241 Jovita Ring of Sex n.d.
      (1/2 of double)

An imprint of Publishers Export Co., Inc., see PEC. Published no SF; one book is listed in the exclusions.

Published by GX, Inc., at 20251 Prairie St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. See also Trojan Classics.
SH 701 Wilson, Robert Anton The Sex Magicians 1973

A later name for Beacon Books, q.v.


An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
SR-133 Klepple, Horst Hard On 1974
SR-138 Longo, Chris Wet Dreams 1975
SR-139 Erp, Peter The Flesh Viewing Room 1975

Star Distributors, Ltd.
Published at P.O. Box 362, Canal St. Station, NY, NY 10013. Many of their imprints are devoted to sadism andd torture. See Bizarre Library, Park Square Press, Satan’s Library and Wip Books. Some of the latter were rebound as Pain Library Classics, q.v.

An imprint of Publisher’s Consultants, q.v.
SLE-169 Forbes, Alex Anal Planet 1976
SLE-176 Lacey, Burroughs The Sex Machine 1976

Published by Nordisk Bladcentral A/S, at P.O. Box 288, Copenhagen, Denmark. These books do not have the appearance, physically, of American publications so they may actually have been produced overseas. Danish language editions were copyrighted as well as these English language editions. All the titles were registered for copyright and all listed Erika Schoeb as the author, something that seems unlikely; I suspect that Schoeb was the editor and/or publisher.
26 Levi, Aristotle Spawn of the Devil 1969
40 De Witt, Denise The Daughters of Pan 1970

Tiburon House Publishing Co., Inc.
Published at Sausalito, CA. Pretended that their books were reprints of Danish porn. See the following imprints: Best Seller Series, Liverpool Library Press and Rear Window Series.

Published by Siena Publishing Co., New York, NY. Siena was the publisher given in the later volumes of Bee-Line’s mass-market imprint, Carlyle Books, and at least one Tigress Book was a reprint of a Bee-Line Book.
TB2024-M Farris, Mark The Seductress of Eden 1982
TB2025-M Clayton, Sheena The Aura of Seduction 1982

An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v.
TSL-106 Vanguard, John L. Two Sexes, One Body 1982

Published by Encounter Books, at Wilmington, DE. Clearly an imprint of Eros Publishing Co, Inc., q.v. Packaged in plain covers in blatant imitation of the by then defunct Traveller’s Companion series. Seems to have been the originating imprint for these books, all of which were reprinted by Castle Books and/or Hustler Books.
TT 108 Burch, Ralph Lust in Space 1978
TT 109 Nestle, Tom Orgies in Space 1978
TT 112 Burch, Ralph Lust of the Swampman 1978

Published by The Traveller’s Companion Inc., an affiliate of Olympia Press, q.v. Many of the early titles had been published previously, under the same imprint, while the company was still in France. From #504 to the end, #517, it turned into a Gay series titled The Other Traveller. About ten of the early books were published in conjunction with Bee-Line Books, q.v., and were identified by an extra “2” in the book numbers. There aren’t nearly as many books in the series as one might suspect, as the numbering jumped from 228 to 429. See also Party Books.
TC-206 Homer & Associates A Bedside Odyssey Oct 1967
TC-2227 Martin, Ed Busy Bodies 1968
TC-432 Kainen, Ray A Sea of Thighs 1968
TC-440 Martin, Ed Frankenstein ’69 1969
TC-441 Kainen, Ray The Spy Who Came (and Came and Came and Came) 1969
*   TC-446 Grimm, Benjamin Nightland Spell 1969
TC-447 Kainen, Ray The Cosmic Gash 1969
TC-452 Kanto, Peter The Coupling Game 1969
*   TC-458 Kainen, Ray The Houses of Rising Sin 1969
TC-462 del Piombo, Akbar The House in Lodz 1969
*   TC-465 D’Arcangelo, Angelo Sookey 1969
TC 468 Scott, Billy The King of America 1969
TC-469 Kainen, Ray Earth Station Sex 1969
TC-484 Jay, Victor The Gay Haunt 1970
TC-513 Townsend, Larry The Scorpius Equation 1971
TC-517 Jay, Victor The Gay Haunt 1972

An imprint of Eros Publishing Co., Inc., q.v. Illustrated with color photographs.
TB-103 Grey, Victor The Fsex Combos 1975

A Gay series published by GX, Inc., at 20251 Prairie St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. See also Sheffield House.
TC 246 Dark, Jon Satan’s Victor 1972
TC 280 Lambert, William, III Gaius Maximus 1973

No indicia but clearly one of the later reprint lines of American Art Enterprises, q.v. There is no indication of what the TWN stands for.
298 St. James, Dodi Solar System Swingers [1992]

No indicia. The UGD may be a distributor’s symbol rather than a logo. Illustrated with black & white photos.
*   1002 Reed, Allison The Lineup n.d.

Principal digest imprint of Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp., q.v. Ran from 1950 to 1954. See also Universal Giants, below. Published no SF; one book is listed in the exclusions.

Published by Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp., q.v. at New York City. A series of oversize digests, published 1953-54. About half of the books were double volumes. The imprint changed to Royal Books after eleven numbers. Number 13 wasn’t issued. See also Uni-Books, above.
5 Leiber, Fritz The Sinful Ones 1953
      (1/2 of double)
9 MacArthur, Arthur Aphrodite’s Lover 1953
12 Mundy, Talbot Jimgrim Sahib (1953)
18 Haggard, H. Rider King Solomon’s Mines (1953)
18 Haggard, H. Rider Allan Quatermain (1953)
      (double volume)
20 Mundy, Talbot Full Moon 1953
      (1/2 of double)
*   25 Voltaire Candide n.d.
      (1/2 of double)
28 Twain, Mark A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1954)
      (1/2 of double)

Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp.
A prominent publisher of digest-sized sleaze in the early 1950’s under several imprints; see Uni-Books and Universal Giants, later Royal Books. They folded all their digest lines in 1954 and created Beacon Books, the first mass-market size pornographic paperback line. Universal started a successful mass-market imprint, Award Books, in 1964 but kept their porn imprint alive until at least 1968. Universal bought Galaxy Magazine and Worlds of If from Robert Guinn in 1969. At that time the publisher was Arnold Abramson. Universal’s publishing ventures grew less solvent through the next decade. Award Books was folded in 1977 and the magazines had all been sold off by 1979. See Beacon Books for further comments.

Published by Uptown Publications, at 1213 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles 38, CA. A short-lived publisher; only a half-dozen titles are known, all issued in 1962.
703 Knerr, Michael Sex Life of the Gods 1962

Published by Manchester Publications, Inc., at 3375 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92120.
113 Fedahk, Fatima The Sexorcist 1974

An imprint of Star Distributors, Ltd., q.v. Apparently their earliest bondage and torture series. Profusely illustrated with black and white drawings. At least one title was rebound as a Pain Library Classic, q.v.
139 Villard, Alexander New World of Pain Masters 1972

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