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    Jupiter [L: Herse, October 2015] ed. Ian Redman (Ian Redman, £2.75, 47pp, A5)
    Last issue; although dated “October 2015” this issue did not appear until March 2016.
    • 3 · Editorial · Ian Redman · ed
    • 4 · Dessication · Kate Kelly · ss
    • 10 · Longwave Goodbye · Ray Blank · ss
    • 26 · Trailer Trash · Jon Wallace · ss
    • 33 · How I Kind of Helped Save the Universe and Beyond · G. O. Clark · ss; given as “How I Kind of Help Save the Universe and Beyond” by G.O. Clarke in the Table of Contents.
    • 42 · Flowers in the Dust · Garrick Fincham · ss
    • 47 · Philae’s Landed · Christina Sng · pm

    Just SF:   (about)

    Title changed from Just SF. A third issue was advertised in late 1982 but was never published.

    Kadath (1974)   (about)
    This issue was printed but, for reasons not known, was never officially distributed; at least no subscribers are known to have received it. Carter did give a few copies away to friends over the years and photocopies of those have begun to circulate in recent years.

    • Publishers:
      • Lin Carter; New York: Kadath.
    • Editors:

    Kadath (1979)   (about)
    Semi-professional magazine. The first two issues were entirely in Italian. Approximately half the print run of the second issue contained an extra, separately paginated section, printed in English. Starting with #4 the issues were printed entirely in English. We have indexed only the English contents.

    • Publishers:
      • Francesco Cova; Genova, Italy: Kadath, Oct 1979 – Nov 1980.
      • Kadath Press; Genova, Italy: Kadath, Jul 1981 – Fall 1984.
    • Editors:

    Kadath [v1 #1, October 1979]
    No contents in English.

    Kadath [v1 #2, Maggio 1980] (L2500, 48+viiipp+, large s/s)
    English section only listed.

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