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    Title changed from Mystic Magazine.

    Search [No. 17, October 1956] (35¢, 132pp, digest)

    The Mystic Muse   (about)
    Subtitled “Tales for the New Age.” A semiprofessional magazine with an emphasis on currently popular occult and mysticism themes. There may be one or more additional issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Samadhi Dreams Press; Kalamazoo, MI: The Mystic Muse.
    • Editors:

    Mystique: Tales of Wonder   (about)
    The first issue was #13 in the series of British Fantasy Society Booklets, after which this title assumed its own numbering.

    • Publishers:
      • British Fantasy Society; Birmingham, England: Mystique: Tales of Wonder.
    • Editors:

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