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    Omega Science Digest   (about)
    The Australian edition of Science Digest. The US edition is strictly a non-fiction magazine, but the Australian edition included original fiction as a regular part of every issue and thus more closely resembled Omni. Only the fiction is indexed.

    • Publishers:
      • Fairfax Magazines; Sydney, Australia: Omega Science Digest.
    • Editors:

    Omega Science Digest [May-June 1981] ($2.50, 132pp+, quarto)
    • 70 · A Passage in Earth · Damien Broderick · ss Rooms of Paradise ed. Lee Harding, Quartet Books, 1978
    • 86 · Inhabiting the Interspaces · Philippa C. Maddern · ss Transmutations ed. Rob Gerrand, Norstrilia, 1979

    Omega Science Digest [September-October 1986] (106pp+, quarto)
    • 94 · The Bullet That Grows in the Gun · Terry Dowling · ss Urban Fantasies ed. David King & Russell Blackford, Ebony Books, 1985

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