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    Queer Stories   (about)
    This title probably does not exist. It does occur in the occasional magazine checklist but exhaustive research and inquiries have turned up absolutely no information on it. The earliest reference to it is in a Bradford Day checklist of the early 1950’s. Day lists the title as being British and appearing in 1929, but has no data on it. Copies do not exist in either the British Library or Oxford’s Bodleian Library. No known researcher or collector has ever seen a copy of Queer Stories, so it is likely that this title is apocryphal, and that indexers after Day simply picked up his reference and incorporated it into their own work.

    A comics and media fan magazine with newsstand distribution. Most issues contain some amounts of fiction. Many changes took place in the last issue, including an increased fiction content. Only the fiction is listed here.

    Questar [v1 #4, #4, August 1979] ($2.00, 64pp, quarto)
    No fiction.

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