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    Space Journal   (about)
    This magazine was a popular survey of space research that occasionally printed fiction. This title should not be confused with a later magazine of the same name published in New York. Only the fiction is listed below.

    • Publishers:
      • Space Enterprises, Inc.; Nashville, TN: Space Journal.
    • Editors:

    Space Journal [v1 #1, Summer 1957] (50¢, 48pp+, quarto)
    The first issue exists in two states. It was originally printed with no cover illustration, but was later reprinted with a cover by Harry Lang as the Fall 1957 issue. The story listed below is not in the reprint edition.

    Space Science Fiction (1952)   (about)
    There was a British reprint edition of this magazine published by Archer Press Ltd. Eight issues were printed between December 1952 and August 1953.

    • Publishers:
      • Space Publications, Inc.; New York: Space Science Fiction.
    • Editors:
      • Lester del Rey - Editor: Space Science Fiction.
      • Ben Peters - Associate Editor: Space Science Fiction, May 1952.
      • Peter Leavy - Associate Editor: Space Science Fiction, Sep 1952 – Nov 1952.
      • John Vincent - Associate Editor: Space Science Fiction, Sep 1952 – Sep 1953.
      • John Fell - Associate Editor: Space Science Fiction, Feb 1953.
    • Features:

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