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    Tri-State Fantasist   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Wonderland Books and Records; Anna, IL: Tri-State Fantasist, #1.
      • Annihilation Press; Jonesboro, IL: Tri-State Fantasist, #2 – .
    • Editors:

    Troopers Quarterly:   (about)

    Title changed from Troopers Quarterly.

    True Mystic Confessions   (about)
    True Mystic Confessions featured articles on astrology and dreams but mainly carried fictionalized and sensationalized accounts of nudist camp orgies, drugs and sex crimes. Nearly all of the pieces are anonymous and that is understandable. Many of the stories do have a weird element to them but in general this magazine is only for the completist. The contents of the only known issue are given below.

    • Publishers:
      • Country Press, Inc.; Greenwich CT: True Mystic Confessions.

    True Strange (Stories) (1956)   (about)
    True Strange may be a revival of True Weird. They share the same publisher and followed one upon another. True Strange also reprinted material from True Weird. True Strange was a large magazine published by Weider Periodicals Inc., 16 Hopkins Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey. William R. Shelton edited the first five issues and Allen Camelli edited the last two. It was subtitled “incredible…weird… and factual.” There were a total of seven issues with one short story in four of the issues. Other authors with material that may be of interest are: Arthur J. Burks (5-6/57); M.E. Counselman (10/56, 3/57, 10/57, 2/58); Jules De Grandon (3/57); Theophile Gautier (3/57); R. DeWitt Miller (8/57).

    The magazine dealt with sensationalized accounts of myths, legends, and stories. Unlike True Weird, True Strange often tied their articles to the famous and the infamous: Stalin, Hitler, Ilse Koch, Houdini, Ingrid Bergman, etc. The covers also emphasized the famous with Elvis Presley, James Dean, Anita Ekberg, Sophia Loren and others appearing. The magazine would be of marginal interest to collectors. The contents of the first issue and information on the other issues follows:

    True Strange (Stories) [v1 #4, August 1957] (35¢, 84pp, large)
    • 20 · The Ghost · Guy de Maupassant · ss Allouma and Other Tales by Guy de Maupassant, Holland Pub. Co., 1895, as “The Spectre”
      translated from the French (“Apparition”, Le Gaulois, April 4, 1883).

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