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    Orb Speculative Fiction [#5, 2003] ed. Sarah Endacott (Orb Publications; Victoria, Australia, $16.95, 172+4pp, digest s/b, cover by Peter Loader)
    The last numbered page is 172, but three unnumbered pages follow for a supposed ’total’ of 175—actually of course there are 176, but due to a numbering error (pagination jumps from 16 to 18 in the middle of the Duffy story, though with no loss of text) the right-hand pages for most of the issue have even numbers and the left-hand pages odd numbers; very disconcerting when you notice it. Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    The Original Science Fiction Stories    (about)
    After Science Fiction Stories folded James Taurasi bought the rights to the title and put out three issues as a fanzine. Taurasi’s version of the magazine’s title resulted from the common misreading of the previous publisher’s placement of the advertising phrase “The Original.”

    • Publishers:
      • Science Fiction Times, Inc.; Syracuse, NY: The Original Science Fiction Stories

    • Editors:

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